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How to Draft like an Expert Using the Offset Tool

10:08 am  .   July 8, 2014  .   admin

The ability to use the offset tool makes drafting details effortless. The offset tool creates parallel copies of lines and objects any distance away from the originals. No more hassle creating similar details and patterns.   Offset your objects with three simple finger taps: 1)…

AutoCAD 360 for Windows store is here!

10:15 am  .   July 3, 2014  .   admin

A lot of you requested this over the years and we’re excited to announce it’s here – AutoCAD 360 for Windows store! Download the app on the Windows store now and start using AutoCAD 360 instead of logging around with a huge pile of papers….

GPS is back!

10:38 am  .   July 2, 2014  .   admin

  Dear iOS users, hurry up and update your AutoCAD 360 app! We’ve made some bug fixes this version, so if you were having any issues, now is the time to give it another try!   This version is all about the GPS feature which…

In the trenches with AutoCAD 360 – A medieval castle restoration

10:36 am  .   June 17, 2014  .   admin

During the AutoCAD 360 Mobile Beta, we got the opportunity to observe our users from a very close perspective, and hear about their amazing work. Kim Pedersen, Project manager and Surveyor in the Danish Nature Agency, is one of them. Kim is working on the…

The new AutoCAD 360 highlights – Editor

10:16 am  .   June 10, 2014  .   admin

The new AutoCAD 360 is all about you! It’s about our users being happy and having an easy to use and lovely to look at app! To make things even easier, we put together a little before and after for you guys. We would love…

The new AutoCAD 360 highlights – File manager

10:15 am  .   June 5, 2014  .   admin

We hope you all had a chance to download the last version of AutoCAD 360 and start working with it. This last release is probably one of the most important releases we had since we completely changed the entire UI and started working on improving…

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