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5 (more) Things You Can Do with AutoCAD WS
2:56 pm  .   October 3, 2010  .   admin

Today we've passed the 200,000 downloads milestone for the mobile app. We'd like to congratulate our new users and give you some tips for how to do more with AutoCAD WS . You've probably tested the drawing capabilities, used different view modes, moved and scaled some of the objects in your drawing. Here are some productive features you might have missed and should check out:

1. Work in real time with other users – sharing files and working on drawings together in real time is one of the most powerful features of AutoCAD WS. Entering real time mode with other users is a piece of cake: just share a drawing using the "share" button. Your recipient will receive a link to his e-mail account which will lead him to the drawing in AutoCAD WS. If your recipient is working on an iPhone or an iPad, the drawing will be added to his drawings list in the mobile app. Once both users are viewing the same drawing, all changes will be updated immediately in each other's view. So if you're adding a cloud to mark a certain area, change a location of an object or edit text, your recipient will see that in real time. That's perfect for phone calls when discussing complex drawings, meetings where some participants are not in the same room together, or when you want to point out something to a team member who's out in the field. 

Real time collaboration using different devices.

Users who are watching the drawing are marked in green.


2. Edit text – Open a drawing using your iPhone or iPad and click on one of the text objects. Once a text object is selected, an "edit text" button will appear on the toolbar. Using the on-screen keyboard you can edit existing text in the drawing. Edit text feature works only on simple text objects for now. 


3. Set permissions – sharing drawings with firms or clients is not trivial. Some of the data is protected, and in many cases you want to share a drawing without taking the risk of it being modified. That's the main reason many users prefer to work with PDF, DWF or other read only formats. When you share a drawing in AutoCAD WS you can set  Edit and Download permissions to the drawing. If you don't grant Edit permissions your recipients will only have a basic set of markup tools without the ability to edit. Great when working with clients :) . When Download permission is set to Off your recipients will not be able to download the file or create a copy. Preventing download can protect your drawing from being copied or sent to different sources. 


4. Share folders – If you're working on a project which you want to share with other users, you can simply share a folder. New drawings or files (such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets) uploaded or copied to the folder will be automatically shared with the group. You can set Edit and Download permissions to folders as well. 

5. Download – Done editing and collaborating on your drawing? You can save it back to your computer in any DWG format (2004/2007/2010) or in DXF format. Use the "Download" button from the editor or the drawings section in the web interface. 

  • smita

    great work..

  • Bernardo Hernandez

    Excellent work!!!!!!!

  • BIO

    This is great!
    Any chance this app can have an API so we can integrate it into an existing service that we have? It would be beneficial for existing management apps where we can integrate a great app like this.
    Thanks and regards.

  • Ian Justice

    First look – a great App .

  • LouiGi

    Nu ook nog voor Windows (Mobile) phones of  (tablet) notebooks aub

  • a.lee

    Great App well done !

  • Javier Fernandez

    Great App in the iPad. A wish for the wishlist… In the Web Page at Editor you can hide layers but in the iPad application you cannot. Could be a great new feature to have the oportunity to hide/show layers in the iPad App.

    Thank you.

  • Charles

    I would like to see support for android os as well.

  • Brian

    2011 only or 2010 applications too? I keep seeing AutoCAD 2010 mentioned in the articles, but not on the official WS page.

  • tadeo

    HELP !
    I cant plot from my iMac…, :(

  • Doug

    When will objects from Autodesk Civil 3D be supported?

  • Michael Finkelstein

    Great App. I think youv’e secured your place in the future use of computers.

  • Carlos Ossio


    Pretty please….?


    super excelente aplicacion

  • Korczynski Martin

    this is a excelente application

  • Todd Johnson

    Looks great for an initial release. I would love to be able to download directly from the ipad app instead of having to go to my pc. I would also like to see layer control and object properties. In order to evaluate these drawings, we need to be able to see all information about each feature. Keep it coming…I would be willing to pay for an app that does what I just described!

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