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5 Quick Tips for AutoCAD WS
4:25 pm  .   March 22, 2011  .   admin

Some of these may be familiar to you, but it never hurts to revisit ways to improve your CAD experience.

1. Shortcuts Are Your Friend

Even without the familiar Command Line from AutoCAD, you can still rely on the typed shortcuts you already know. As you type each letter there will be no indication until the shortcut is complete and the cursor changes to prompt your next click to begin the action you selected.

For a comprehensive list of AutoCAD WS shortcuts, look here. These are a few that we use regularly.

  • F8 – Ortho Mode. You can easily toggle Ortho mode on and off with one key to make sure your lines are always at a right angle. Alternative shortcut: ortho
  • ma – Match Properties. Like Format Painter or any other similar function, Match Properties captures the defining properties of one object and allows you to copy them to another selected object. Alternative shortcut: matchprop
  • t – Insert Text. Define the size and placement of your text box and start typing. Alternative shortcuts: dt, dtext, text, mt

2. Contextual Toolbar

Whenever you click on an object or block a toolbar will appear with a number of context sensitive options ranging from Move and Rotate to Mirror, Offset and Explode. Contextual toolbar is great for newcomers to AutoCAD…

3. Pan and Zoom by Mouse

You can scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of your drawing. Click and hold the mouse wheel to switch the cursor to the hand symbol and pan by moving the mouse. You can achieve the same effect by holding down the Space bar to switch the cursor and then hold down the left-click and move the mouse to pan.

4. Sharing Multiple Drawings

Sometimes you want to share multiple drawings from the same project or send multiple files to a colleague. Instead of sharing each individual file, you can create a folder for all the files you want to share and then simply share the entire folder.

When you share a folder it’s like using an FTP destination. You can add more drawings to the folder and they will be automatically shared according to the sharing permissions you decided.

5. Right-Click for Convenience

Your trusty right-click can help you reach a number of useful commands such as repeat or undo the last action and zoom and pan.

How would you improve productivity in AutoCAD WS?

Apart from the Command Line and a version of the app for Android (we know!), what else would you add to improve the usefulness of AutoCAD WS?
  • Scott Smith

    I work for the Government at GSA. We would like to use or buy Autocad WS but we would like to upload our files to our network for security reason.

    Please contact me at
    Scott Smith

  • Seungkyu YANG

    Thank for Good Tips! :)

  • Rick Salica

    How do you control the layers in the view ports set up in the original drawings?
    I have drawings and use paper space with layers frozen and un frozen but all the
    paper space drawings show all the layers on when I open the drawings in AutoCAD WS


    • Lyndon

      I agree with Rick, this product cannot help me if I can’t control appearance of XRef’s. Another item is OLE’s.

  • Aaron

    do these work in the app if you have a keyboard connected?

    • Daniel

      Not right now, I’m afraid, Aaron.

  • Brandon

    I am a piping designer and we are wanting to be able to do our field notes with this app. The only thing we havent figured out to do, if there is a way, is dimensioning from the app. Hopefully there will be an update for this function in the near future. It would be awesome to go to the field with just an ipad and not have to worry about carrying a bunch of papers with you.


  • D

    A simply way to drag a line to another snap with Snap preview .

  • TC

    I would like to be able to measure angles and arches, not just straight distances.

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