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5 Ways AutoCAD WS Makes You Look Good at Work
8:00 am  .   February 4, 2011  .   admin

Whether you’re an engineer or consultant, an architect or a product designer, AutoCAD WS can significantly improve the way you do business. There’s nothing more annoying than going into a meeting and asking the other participants to hold down the corners of your giant print out.

Here are our top five ways that AutoCAD WS makes your working life better.

1. AutoCAD WS makes your Designs look Better

Turn up to your meeting with an iPad with your DWG drawing already open and everyone will lean forward to watch you show off your design. Making changes or responding to suggestions on the fly using your fingertips makes you look responsive and flexible. Your drawings will always look sharp in AutoCAD WS wherever you access them and anyone can join in and make suggestion even if they have never used AutoCAD before.

2. AutoCAD WS makes you Green

Think of all the paper you save by not printing multiple versions of every version of every drawing. AutoCAD WS helps you manage your design’s versions without the need for drawers and filing cabinets filled to bursting with sheets and sheets of old diagrams. Show your colleagues and clients that you are serious about your commitment to the environment.

3. AutoCAD WS makes you Available

It doesn’t matter where you are when your client calls you with questions. As long as you have AutoCAD WS installed on your mobile device you can call up your plans and address all questions and concerns. You can even make changes and add markups. When you’re out of the office, you can always access old drawings and use them as references for your current project spontaneously.

4. AutoCAD WS makes you Collaborative

Using AutoCAD WS you can share your work with anyone who needs to see it. They don’t need to be registered users of AutoCAD WS. All they need is a web browser. It’s so much more elegant sending a link once than sending a heavy email full of attachments.

You control permissions deciding when they can see it and whether or not they can make changes or even download it. You can invite people to join you in an online meeting where you can work together in real-time. At the end of the meeting all participants will receive a full meeting summary detailing all the changes that were decided.

5. AutoCAD makes you… ?

I’m leaving this one blank for you to fill in. If you work with AutoCAD WS, tell us why. The best reason will be added as the definitive fifth way that AutoCAD WS makes you look good at work.

  • Brian Benton

    It keeps your clients/vendors/contractors current and you in control. It provides a means of access of your files to your clients while allowing you to control which files they see. It is a great means of construction document communication (see number 4 above).

  • Felipe

    My job easyer, because i can make all the modifications and notes i need directly on the drawning,
    so i dont need to do all again when i’m on pc.

  • austin

    5) Autocad WS makes me look dumb still but smart soon, hopefully.

    Here I am demo-ing my geo-referenced geospatial drawing from Map-3D on a nice iPad with
    built-in GPS and there is no GPS tool to positioning me in the drawing right in the field.
    Would have been a near perfect solution to check as-built in the field!
    or to navigate in my dwg. When can we tie in the GPS and georeferenced dwg?

  • Juan F. Zúñiga

    Would be great to take the gps iphone / ipad to see our position within a drawing of the project. I think it would be difficult to implement this role… I encourage developers to do so.

    • Daniel

      As AutoCAD becomes fully mobile it’s throwing up a lot of possibilities like the one you’re suggesting with GPS. We encourage you to keep dreaming big because it makes sure that we do too.

  • Matt Harrison


    I am wondering what the possibilities of creating add-ons to the WS application. Specifically i am wondering if a user can create buttons for inserting ojbects (blocks or lines). This would prove to be exceptionally usefully when condsidering using this application for field surveying.

    I am interested in contributing as well and can be reached via email.

    Kind Regards,

    Matthew Harrison
    CAD Specialist

    • Daniel

      Thanks Matthew. Let’s carry on this conversation via email.

  • Dan Gramer

    How does this service work with enablers? Say for example one subcontractor is using CAD Duct and another is using QuickPen. Can they both upload and share content that everyone can see?