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The Basics: 3 Fundamental Questions and Answers About DWG Files

3:30 am  .   March 10, 2014  .   admin

A while ago we posted about how you can open CAD drawings using AutoCAD 360 on your smartphone or tablet, but then we realized maybe we were getting ahead of ourselves. If you don’t know a .DWG from a .JPG, this post is for you—we’ll…

AutoCAD 360 Mobile App for iPhone, iPod and iPad

6:55 am  .   April 20, 2011  .   admin

The AutoCAD 360 mobile app enables you to view and work with DWG files directly on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This free* mobile app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. This tutorial provides a brief overview of the things you will…

AutoCAD 2012 is Here with WS Inside

1:39 pm  .   March 24, 2011  .   admin

AutoCAD 2012 has arrived with AutoCAD WS fully integrated into Autodesk’s flagship product. Click here to download AutoCAD 2012 (trial version) including the new Online tab which connects AutoCAD to your AutoCAD WS web and mobile account. Now you can upload drawings to your mobile phone or tablet,…

Web-Based Applications for Daily Use

1:56 am  .   March 11, 2010  .   admin

This post will not be about Butterfly, but rather on the way our team works with different applications. We want to share with you our passion towards Web-based applications. We love using cloud computing, Web-based applications, SaaS. Call it however you like. The Internet provides…

AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 vs Autodesk 360: What’s the Difference?

3:30 am  .   April 28, 2014  .   admin

You’ve heard us extoll the virtues of AutoCAD 360 in this space for a while now. Today we want to introduce you to another great cloud-based tool for your collaboration toolbox, and one that can complement AutoCAD 360 in your workflow. Dear reader, meet Autodesk…

smartphone tablet

Using AutoCAD 360 on a Smartphone or Tablet: the Pros & Cons of Both

3:30 am  .   March 17, 2014  .   admin

So you’ve come to your senses and realized how advantageous it can be to use AutoCAD 360 to view, markup, and share drawings at the office and in the field. Excellent! But now you’re not sure if it makes more sense to use it on your smartphone…

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