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A New Version of Butterfly Hits the Web

Hi everyone,

Today we deployed a new version of Butterfly, and it’s got a handful of new features you can all use now. Just log on to Butterfly.

Here is what’s new:

  • Support for complex linetypes has been added – now you can draw or modify objects with complex linetypes.

  • A lot of users have requested that read-only permissions will also allow markups. That means that if you share a drawing with someone without edit permissions they could still provide their feedback with basic redlining and shapes. The markup tools are available in the ribbon only to read-only recipients.

  • Added support for leader styles. Now leaders are easier to create and are more accurate.

  • Edit your account – you can now change your name that’s displayed to other users and your password, too. Simply click on the “Edit account” link on the top of Project Butterfly.
  • Several issues were improved regarding Multiline Text. You can now also edit existing MText.
  • The Drawings section has been improved – you can now easily drag & drop files between folders.

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  1. gargon says:

    Muy buenas las nuevas características.
    Very good new features.

  2. ranj henari says:

    Great upgrade, keep up the good work . new features will come in handy

  3. Magnifica web para colaboración profesional. Soy Arquitecto Técnico. Desde ayer estoy utilizando Project Butterfly y seguire usando y conocerlo mejor.

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