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Adding Fonts in AutoCAD WS
4:04 pm  .   December 23, 2010  .   admin

AutoCAD WS for web and mobile comes preloaded with all the same font files as AutoCAD.

If you are working in a language other than English or with an unusual font, it may not be supported when you upload your drawing to AutoCAD WS.

AutoCAD WS will always try to present your drawing in one of its preloaded fonts. As long as the text in your drawing uses the Latin character set you should be able to read the text even without the exact font.

For a precise representation or if your drawing uses non-Latin characters, you will need to import and update the correct font file. Once you have updated a font for a drawing, it will be visible for that drawing whether you are viewing it over the web or with your iPad or iPhone.

To import and update a font, go to the View tab in AutoCAD WS web client. From here, click on the Fonts button.

Manage Fonts

The window to the right will appear.

In this example, you can see five fonts that have been imported and recognized. You can also see that four are missing.

Click “Import” for each font that is missing. Once you locate the font file on your computer you can import it.

When the font has been successfully imported, click Update Fonts.

Successfully imported fonts will also work for all shared versions of the drawing.

Your imported fonts can be found in the Fonts folder in AutoCAD WS.

Imported Fonts

Any imported fonts will be automatically available for drawings that are uploaded to your AutoCAD WS online account after the import. From that moment forward the imported font will be identified in drawings uploaded via the web client or through your mobile device.

You will have to update the fonts manually for drawings that were already in your online account.

  • Zeng Zheng

    It is very useful for us who often travel and work on site instead of sitting in office. I think it is also useful for keep our copyright with higher confidence.

  • Jin

    Is there any APIs like ObjectARX will be exposed on ipad for AutoCAD WS?

  • dung_h2

    I am not able to see Update and Import options as you mentioned above. Please see an attachment.
    Really appreciate your help.