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All the Ways to Select and Deselect Objects!
10:47 am  .   July 23, 2014  .   admin

Selecting lines and objects in AutoCAD 360 is easy to execute and applicable to all.

One line can be selected or many objects at a time, up to 200 objects!


Two techniques to use are:


1) Tap and hold your finger down for a second and then drag across the lines desired to be selected.

When you tap and drag from left to right, all the objects located entirely in the selection window will be selected. The selection window will also be blue.

new-selecting picture

When you tap and drag from right to left, all the objects located even partially inside the selection window will be selected. The selection window will be green.


These are visual clues that help you check yourself during your work.


2) Tap on an object to highlight it. The object will turn grey with a blue dotted lined box around it.

If you want to select multiple objects at a time, using this technique, you can simply tap another object and the blue dotted lined box will enlarge with the new objects turning grey as well.



To deselect these selected objects, you can either:

1) Tap on the object you wish to deselect, individually.

2) Tap the “Deselect” button in orange on the right of the toolbar. This will deselect everything at once.

3) Tap the background and everything will deselect.


We hope these tips help make your experience a positive experience! Let us know what you think.


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