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Another Day At The Office
3:59 pm  .   October 11, 2011  .   admin

Since launching AutoCAD WS in your web browser last year, the WS team have also found time to release a mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as a handful of meaningful updates for each, and a version of AutoCAD WS for Mac. It would have been much harder for everyone to achieve all this, if they didn’t enjoy coming to work so much.

This post will give you a little insight into an average day at work for the WS team.

Arriving at Work

Late last year we moved into our brand new offices, so now everyone gets to breathe in the sea air of the Mediterranean every morning as they walk into the building. For those of us that don’t live near the beach, working by the sea is the next best thing. First thing in the morning, people are preparing their coffees and even making toast to make sure they start the day right.

During the Morning

The office is mostly open with a few closed rooms for meetings. All members of the WS team benefit from being able to drop in on a colleague and share an idea and brainstorm a solution. Sometimes we just show up to see what music is playing in a different area of the office.

An Important AutoCAD WS Strategy Meeting


Every day we order food from different places, but we try to eat together. The WS team is like a family and sometimes, over lunch, it gets loud just like a real family.

Afternoon and Early Evening

Back to work and there’s still plenty of things to do before the day is done. AutoCAD WS works on so many different platforms so the team have to stay on top of the latest hardware and software releases.

Another hour spent trying to work out which keyboard goes with which screen

End of the day

After a hard day’s work compiling code and coming up with new features, every member of the WS team leaves the office satisfied and energized about doing it all again tomorrow.

Heading Home at the End of a Long Day

Is this how you imagined a day in the office would look? Let us know how you have started using AutoCAD WS in your working day in the comments or on our Facebook page. The best photos featuring AutoCAD WS will win a t-shirt.

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