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Meet Vectorize It—Our New, Free Convert-to-Vector iPad App

3:30 am  .   March 31, 2014  .   admin

Today we’d like to introduce you to a new, free iPad app from Autodesk that we’re really excited about—it’s called Vectorize It, and it can turn your iPad into a DWG-creating machine. Vectorize It converts pixel-based images into vector drawings, which means you can turn…


Free vs Pro: Which AutoCAD 360 is right for you?

3:30 am  .   March 25, 2014  .   admin

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you know there’s a ton that you can do with the free AutoCAD 360—you can open, view, markup, edit, and share CAD drawings, you can collaborate in real time on site and from the office,…

smartphone tablet

Using AutoCAD 360 on a Smartphone or Tablet: the Pros & Cons of Both

3:30 am  .   March 17, 2014  .   admin

So you’ve come to your senses and realized how advantageous it can be to use AutoCAD 360 to view, markup, and share drawings at the office and in the field. Excellent! But now you’re not sure if it makes more sense to use it on your smartphone…

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The Basics: 3 Fundamental Questions and Answers About DWG Files

3:30 am  .   March 10, 2014  .   admin

A while ago we posted about how you can open CAD drawings using AutoCAD 360 on your smartphone or tablet, but then we realized maybe we were getting ahead of ourselves. If you don’t know a .DWG from a .JPG, this post is for you—we’ll…

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Speak CAD Like a Pro: 13 CAD File Acronyms Explained

3:30 am  .   March 3, 2014  .   admin

Guest blogger and CAD expert Shaun Bryant offers up today’s post on how to speak CAD like a pro, breaking down 13 common CAD acronyms that you might come across whether you’re an architect, designer, contractor, PM, or installer. Enjoy! CAD is a BIG subject…


Integrating AutoCAD 360 to Improve Project Efficiency: Part 4

3:50 am  .   February 24, 2014  .   admin

Integrating AutoCAD 360 to Improve Project Efficiency: Part 4 So far, we’ve shown you how you can integrate AutoCAD 360 into the first three major phases of any project: pre-bid/contract, planning and design, and procurement and installation. Now you’re ready to wrap it up, so…