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Integrating AutoCAD 360 to Improve Project Efficiency: Part 2

3:15 am  .   February 10, 2014  .   admin

Last week we covered how AutoCAD 360 can be easily integrated into the first stage of any project—the Pre-bid/Bid and Contract phase. This week, we’ll give you the run down on how you can use AutoCAD 360 in next phase, once you’ve been awarded the…

Integrating AutoCAD 360 Into Every Phase of a Project: Part 1

5:15 am  .   February 3, 2014  .   admin

Over our next few posts, we’ll explain how some of the different functionality in AutoCAD 360 can be easily integrated into the way you work today. As we’ve said before, AutoCAD 360 can save you time and money and help you be more productive at…

Meet the Design Feed: The Pros and Cons

4:45 am  .   January 27, 2014  .   admin

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Design Feed provides an easy way for you to document drawing and site changes, and communicate with your team members—saving you time (and money). We think it’s invaluable—but you should decide for yourself. Here’s a rundown of the pros…

Meet the Design Feed: Your New Best Friend

5:30 am  .   January 20, 2014  .   admin

Design Feed Overview The Design Feed is one of the most helpful features of AutoCAD 360—it provides an easy way for you to document drawing and site changes, communicate with your team members, and simplify your workflow. The Design Feed documents the conversation between you,…

AutoCAD 360 Recruiting Beta Testers for 3.0 iOS App

10:55 pm  .   January 17, 2014  .   admin

Want to be one of the first to take a sneak peak at the new AutoCAD 360 mobile app? Our user experience team is looking for volunteers who use AutoCAD 360 on their iPhone. Use the form below to sign up for the AutoCAD 360 mobile app beta today!

Add Notes to CAD Drawings Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

5:14 pm  .   January 13, 2014  .   admin

Note taking just got a whole lot easier—now you can add them to drawings on the fly using your mobile device. Adding notes to CAD drawings in AutoCAD 360 can help document changes as they happen, and can eliminate the need for a cumbersome physical…