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Help Shape AutoCAD 360 Web As a User Experience Research Participant
Bigger and Better – What’s new with AutoCAD 360 2.0
Seeking volunteers for AutoCAD 360 user experience research
Autodesk Partners with GrabCAD, Bringing Next-Gen Design Tools to 700,000+ Designers
Check Back Tomorrow for Some Big News
Boost your AutoCAD 360 experience with the Samsung’s S-Pen
Help Shape AutoCAD 360 Web As a User Experience Research Participant


Today we’re renewing the call for volunteers to participate in user experience research on the AutoCAD 360 web app.

We’re looking for motivated users to provide feedback over the phone or in person.

Interested? To get involved, simply fill out this short survey and we’ll be in touch.

By the way: participants will be compensated with a $30 Amazon gift card.

Thank you for helping us make AutoCAD 360 Web the best product it can be!

- The AutoCAD 360 Team

Image via Flickr user K2_UX.

Bigger and Better – What’s new with AutoCAD 360 2.0

With every new version, we work hard to make AutoCAD 360 a little closer to what each of you want it to be. We consider all of your feedback and feature requests—and several of the features noted in this post were born out of those requests. Here are some of the exciting new features and improvements we have added in our latest 2.0 version (all of which are included in the free version of the mobile app!):

AutoCAD 360 version 2.0 brings you a drawing and design tool that sets a new standard for usability on mobile devices—the Smart Pen! You no longer have to change tools constantly to bring your vision to life. From now on, you can use just one tool to draw lines, polylines, circles, rectangles and anything else your heart desires. The Smart Pen allows you to sketch freely without needing great artistic skills or a surgeon’s precision touch. In addition to recognizing the shapes you’re trying to draw, the Smart Pen will also let you free sketch. Turn the automatic snap feature on and off during your sketching to best suit your needs. Check out a demonstration in the video below.

We’ve also made improvements to our measuring tools. Now you can measure distances and areas in your drawing in just two taps. Choose the kind of measurement you want (distance or area) and simply double-tap the object you want to measure or specify the relevant points. You can also copy the measurements and easily paste them into a text remark, Design Feed comment, or a document.

measuring tools - distance


Another exciting new measuring tool is one of the features you’ve all been waiting for (How do we know that? We saved each and every one of your requests. If we still used paper, we would need a bigger office!). So without further ado we give you the Dimensions tool! Use it whenever you want to add dimensions labels to your drawing. Just choose a line or polyline and the location of the dimensions.




And last but not least, you can now access your files in a host of third-party storage services, including DropBox,, Buzzsaw, Egnyte and any other file storage service using WebDAV—directly from your mobile device! Just open the sidebar, tap “Connect to” and select a service. Enter your credentials and you’re in! Files that have been uploaded will be available offline as well.


Connect to


If you have any other needs or desires, we’re always looking to improve. Let us know what feature you think would make our app even better!

Email us at or leave your comment here.

Stay tuned, you’ve got a lot more coming your way!

- The AutoCAD 360 team

Seeking volunteers for AutoCAD 360 user experience research

ACAD360 web app

Update: We’ve received plenty of responses to this request for now. Thank you!

Want to help us build a more user-friendly version of AutoCAD 360? Our user experience team is looking for volunteers who regularly use AutoCAD 360 web.

As a volunteer, you’d walk our team through your workflows and let us observe how you interact with the software, either in person or over the phone.

Participation will take 1-2 hours, and volunteers will be compensated for their time.

If you’d like to learn more, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!


Autodesk Partners with GrabCAD, Bringing Next-Gen Design Tools to 700,000+ Designers

ADSK plus GrabCAD

Here’s the scoop on that big news we hinted at yesterday: Autodesk announced this morning that it has partnered with GrabCAD, an open engineering platform that provides tools, knowledge and connections to its community of more than 700,000 designers.

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and GrabCAD CEO Hardi Meybaum discussed the partnership earlier today in a video webcast:

The partnership brings AutoCAD 360 and Fusion 360—Autodesk’s new cloud-based 3D editing application—to GrabCAD’s Workbench, making it the first time that users will have access to 2D and 3D editing tools from within the platform.

Integration of these tools creates unprecedented opportunities for collaboration—users will now be able to edit any model in GrabCAD Workbench with Autodesk tools, and then share that model with anyone in the world. This collaboration can now happen faster than ever because the Autodesk tools are integrated directly into GrabCAD Workbench.

Here’s how it looks:

GrabCAD AutoCAD 360 Launch

GrabCAD is a place for collaboration between engineers and non-engineers alike, so we’d encourage you to check out their platform.

And if you haven’t already, take a look at Autodesk’s new Fusion 360 application.

You can also find out more about the partnership on Autodesk’s In the Fold blog.

- The AutoCAD 360 team

Check Back Tomorrow for Some Big News


We’ve got some big news—check back tomorrow for a special announcement!

Boost your AutoCAD 360 experience with the Samsung’s S-Pen

Guess what! We have some more big news for you. As always, we make constant efforts to leverage the most innovative technology in the mobile world to improve your AutoCAD 360 experience. As part of these efforts, starting with version 2.0, AutoCAD 360 includes native support of Samsung’s S-Pen hovering and GALAXY S4 Air View™ capabilities!

Using the S-Pen hovering capabilities, you can now enjoy a more streamlined, faster and more accurate AutoCAD 360 experience. If you own one of the S-Pen supported devices from the GALAXY Note family, all you need to do is pick a drawing tool and start sketching. Pick the line tool for example to see how your line is drawn as you hover over your drawing, Notice how it automatically snaps to points in your drawing, how great is that!



In addition to the hovering support in the GALAXY Note devices, we have also added support for the new Samsung GALAXY S4 device and its ground-breaking Air View™ technology. Hovering with your finger over your GALAXY S4 screen will function just like the S-Pen and will provide you with an intuitive, smooth and accurate AutoCAD 360 experience.

“Samsung is excited to work with Autodesk to bring design professionals innovative tools to help them work better, faster, and more creatively anytime, anywhere.” said Curtis Sasaki, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics Media Solution Center America. “Taking advantage of the GALAXY Note II,  GALAXY Note 8.0, and  GALAXY Note 10.1’s S-Pen and the Samsung Galaxy S®4’s Air View™ touch-less capabilities in tandem with the AutoCAD 360 enhanced features will provide project teams with the ability to better collaborate and dynamically interact in an increasingly mobile world.”

If you have a GALAXY S4 or one of the Galaxy Note devices, we invite you to check it out now! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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