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AutoCAD WS 1.2 – A Sneak Preview

It's too early to give you a full list of the new functionality that we will be adding to AutoCAD WS in the next update, but I thought it would be nice to share something cool with you.

Snap Preview is essentially a built in magnifying glass that blows up the area right under your finger so you can see exactly when the line you are drawing snaps to the point you intended.



P.S. For everyone commenting and asking for an Android version – We hear you!


  1. Modestas says:

    Nice update. Thanks for ACAD community.

  2. Trond Hasse Lie says:

    Well.. I’m actually waiting for a Windows Phone version :) (I have to borrow my daugthers IPod now….)

  3. Gene says:

    Really awesome way to use my iPhone. Looking forward to advances. Great work!

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  5. Minh Leader says:

    Then again, an Android version please!

  6. nikola says:

    Is it in the next version have the voice and video contact

  7. Benjamin says:

    +1 for an Android Version! specially with Android 3 coming for tablets.

  8. Leo says:

    In this days, all the mobile apps should be in both version (iOS and Android) from the begining…..come on guys!!….Autodesk doesn’t have enough money to invest in two markets? I don’t think so.

    Android version please!….Thanks from Argentina

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