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AutoCAD WS and Google Drive
9:30 am  .   April 24, 2012  .   daniel

Google Drive is leveraging the cloud to give users access to all their files from any computer with internet access anywhere in the world. With your files stored in Google Drive, you never have to concern yourself with bringing things with you as they are always accessible.

AutoCAD WS is proud to be one of the apps included in the launch of Google Drive. With the AutoCAD WS app you can view all the DWG and DXF files in your Google Drive account. This tutorial will take you through the basic set up and explain how to work with Google Drive and AutoCAD WS to manage your drawings.

Sign up for Google Drive

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you re signed up for Google Drive. Head over to https://drive.google.com and sign up. You will need a Google account to sign up and you can use your existing credentials if you already have a Gmail or Google+ account. Your Google Drive account comes with 5GB of free storage but you can upgrade this as soon as you want more space. You can immediately begin uploading files of any type using the web interface or you can download Google Drive to your computer using this link.

AutoCAD WS App

In order for Google Drive to recognize and allow you to view the DWG and DXF files in your online account, you will need to install the AutoCAD WS app on your Google Drive. To do this simply visit the Chrome Web Store and install the AutoCAD WS app from there. You will then be able to open Google Drive files in AutoCAD WS from any computer where you are signed in to your Google account.

Using Google Drive to View DWGs and DXFs

To view any of the DWG or DXF files in your Google Drive account, right click on the file and select Open With. Then you can select AutoCAD WS. You do not need to have registered an AutoCAD WS account to view the drawings in your Google Drive folder.

Save As and Edit

For now you will only be able to view your Google Drive drawings in AutoCAD WS. You can take measurements and view the different layouts of your drawing but you will not be able to make any changes or annotations on it. There may be more editing features opened up in the future for Google Drive users, but, for now, if you want to take edit and save changes using AutoCAD WS, you will need to use the Save As feature within AutoCAD WS. This will create a copy of your file and upload it to your AutoCAD WS online account which is distinct from your Google Drive folder. If you have never registered with Autodesk, you will need to create a separate account in AutoCAD WS to save your edits.

To learn more about the full range of CAD editing features in AutoCAD WS visit our Tutorials section or start here.