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Boost your AutoCAD 360 experience with the Samsung’s S-Pen
12:54 pm  .   June 17, 2013  .   admin

Guess what! We have some more big news for you. As always, we make constant efforts to leverage the most innovative technology in the mobile world to improve your AutoCAD 360 experience. As part of these efforts, starting with version 2.0, AutoCAD 360 includes native support of Samsung’s S-Pen hovering and GALAXY S4 Air View™ capabilities!

Using the S-Pen hovering capabilities, you can now enjoy a more streamlined, faster and more accurate AutoCAD 360 experience. If you own one of the S-Pen supported devices from the GALAXY Note family, all you need to do is pick a drawing tool and start sketching. Pick the line tool for example to see how your line is drawn as you hover over your drawing, Notice how it automatically snaps to points in your drawing, how great is that!



In addition to the hovering support in the GALAXY Note devices, we have also added support for the new Samsung GALAXY S4 device and its ground-breaking Air View™ technology. Hovering with your finger over your GALAXY S4 screen will function just like the S-Pen and will provide you with an intuitive, smooth and accurate AutoCAD 360 experience.

“Samsung is excited to work with Autodesk to bring design professionals innovative tools to help them work better, faster, and more creatively anytime, anywhere.” said Curtis Sasaki, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics Media Solution Center America. “Taking advantage of the GALAXY Note II,  GALAXY Note 8.0, and  GALAXY Note 10.1’s S-Pen and the Samsung Galaxy S®4’s Air View™ touch-less capabilities in tandem with the AutoCAD 360 enhanced features will provide project teams with the ability to better collaborate and dynamically interact in an increasingly mobile world.”

If you have a GALAXY S4 or one of the Galaxy Note devices, we invite you to check it out now! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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    Great job by Samsung and Autodesk