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Celebrating 1,000,000 Downloads from the App Store
3:48 pm  .   March 9, 2011  .   admin

It’s official. As of yesterday, the AutoCAD WS mobile app has been downloaded over 1,000,000 (one million) times by iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. In addition, our users have uploaded more than 1.2 million drawings.

This is especially exciting for me as I was the first and, for a long time, the only user of AutoCAD WS. I was thrilled when we reached our 10th user. Passing one million downloads within six months of launching on the App Store exceeded all our expectations. It tells a story of a million ideas being sketched on the go  and a million projects designed in a new way.

Above all, one million downloads is evidence that our vision for mobile CAD is alive and kicking. We’re just at the beginning of a new era of design where it happens anywhere, in or out of the office.

The vision to create AutoCAD WS began in 2007 about two months before the first iPhone was released, well before mobile phones were expected to be “smart”. I was working as an architect. Every day, my work was happening in a different site – different projects involving different colleagues.

I had in mind a “light” version of my drawings which would follow me and be available, and always up to date, from anywhere. The evolution of the web together with the new capabilities of mobile phones created the perfect platform for my vision to become reality.

I believed so strongly in this vision that I left my job and dedicated myself to creating a product which would turn my vision into reality. Creating the technology behind AutoCAD WS was a huge challenge. We wondered, on occasion, whether it was even possible. It took us over a year just to display and edit a drawing for the first time on the web.

Even though a million downloads is a great accomplishment, I know that it’s just one milestone in our journey. We’re still planning to make the product’s design lighter and more flexible, and we’re facing more platforms, more devices and more user demands. We will continue to do our best to maintain the high quality of our existing products as well as the new products we are currently working on.

I want to congratulate the AutoCAD WS team for making it happen and to say “thank you” to a million architects, engineers, designers and managers who have joined our journey.

Iris Shoor, AutoCAD WS Product Manager.

  • Lawrence Lan

    Great Jobs!
    I am so excited about this achievement and encouraged by this story.

  • Luiz Carlos Cardoso

    I wish the whole team AutoCad WAS., Votes of congratulations from celebrating 1,000,000, downloads, dedication and competence., keep moving forward and putting a lot of improvements. The less is more!

  • Corporal Willy

    Congratulations to the whole team that made this possible. Well done.

  • Sunith Babu

    Good to hear autocad ws reaching 1m

  • sandy

    What about those of us that do not have apple products can you please release and android version I think one million on apple is great but imagine if you supported the android version also how much faster you could have hit one million

    • Daniel

      Sandy, we know that there are plenty of you out there waiting for an Android version of AutoCAD WS. As soon as there is an announcement…

  • Pete

    It’s awesome that you guys hit 1 million downloads, now how about making it so the app actually WORKS! It’s been weeks since 1.2 (the crash update) has been out and many people, myself included, can’t even get the app to open because it constantly crashes on the splash screen. As a drafter, this app is something I would love to show my bosses, but as of right now, that obviously can’t happen. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!!

    • Daniel

      Pete, what version of iOS are you running? We now know that AutoCAD WS 1.2 does not support iOS 3.1.3 and earlier. We are working hard to resolve this in time for the next release.

      • Pete

        I’m using iPad iOS 4.3. Any ideas on when the next release is coming out?

        • Daniel

          In that case you shouldn’t be having these problems. Please try uninstalling and reinstalling AutoCAD WS and let me know what happens. We will resolve this issue together, I assure you. You can contact me directly at feedback@autocadws.com as well.

  • CAD Guy

    Still waiting to see comments from the guy who keeps asking for Android…

    Cute doggies BTW.

  • percin

    een beste software


    My Co-workers and I are awaiting the android version of this application. Our entire office is android and would love to have the app. So far andcad is the only one available, and I don’t think it’s anything in comparison.

    • Daniel

      We hear you, Steve, loud and clear.

  • sixpackcuda

    Congrats! Looks delicious. I bet a moto droid cake would’ve tasted much better though ;)

  • Rick Feineis

    Congratulations on your milestone!

    Still waiting for an Android version…

    Thanks for all of your efforts!


  • Melinda Angeles


    Congrautlations for creating this wonderful product!

  • Cristoforo

    And when the version for symbian?

    • Daniel

      It’s not planned for now, but if there was enough demand…

  • Mike

    great job looks pretty cool, anybody know why it just goes to the splash screen and crashes. Currently using an iPad 1 iOS 4.3.2.. And yes I have unistalled and reinstalled several times Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Denis

    Hi. Are there plans to support 3d models in app?