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Connecting to AutoCAD WS with Buzzsaw
6:54 am  .   April 20, 2011  .   daniel

Connect to Service is a new feature that has been added to the AutoCAD WS web app that allows you to store the contents of your AutoCAD WS online account anywhere you choose.

Connect to Service takes advantage of the WebDAV protocol to read and write content from and to a wide variety of online or privately hosted storage solutions including Buzzsaw, Box.net, Dropbox, MobileMe, Egnyte and any file server or SharePoint portal.

The Connect to Service feature was designed to be as transparent as possible. This means that regardless of where your content is held, you will be able to reach it from the following apps:

  • AutoCAD WS web app through your PC or Mac’s web browser
  • AutoCAD WS mobile app available on all iOS and Android phones and tablets

Making a Connection

In order to connect to your Buzzsaw account, you need to log in to the AutoCAD WS web app. A new Connect button has been added to the Drawings ribbon in the web app.

When you click on the Connect button, the following dialog box will open:

In order to connect AutoCAD WS to your Buzzsaw account, you must define the URL and enter your Buzzsaw username and password.

Clicking on the star dropdown button offers a list of the most popular services.

Connect to Buzzsaw

When you select Buzzsaw from the list, the URL will be partially completed for you.

Enter the name of your Buzzsaw site in place of the <Site Name> prompt and fill in your username and password. You can overwrite the New Folder Name or leave it and click connect.

Successful Connection

Once you have connected successfully you will receive this message:

This folder will also be visible and accessible under the same name from the AutoCAD WS mobile app for iOS and Android. The contents of your Buzzsaw folder will sync with your mobile device when it is connected to the internet and be available offline just like your other work.

You will now see a new folder with a globe icon indicating that it points to your Buzzsaw account.

Any changes you make to the files stored in your Buzzsaw account will be applied in that account. If you delete a file using AutoCAD WS it will be deleted from your Buzzsaw account.

DWG files that you upload to this account will not be stored on AutoCAD WS servers.

Rules and Permissions

Any rules or file permissions that were in effect for your Buzzsaw account will continue to be applied when you access it through AutoCAD WS.


You cannot share either a folder or the contents of a folder that was linked to using the Connect to Service feature.


To disconnect from a storage destination, you can simply delete the folder from the AutoCAD WS web app. This will close the connection without affecting the contents of your Buzzsaw account.