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Create Block, Array And More Added to AutoCAD WS
11:17 am  .   December 13, 2010  .   admin

It’s a busy week at AutoCAD WS. As well as releasing a new version to the App Store, we have also made significant upgrades to the web version of the product.

The latest web release builds on the first version to provide great functionality and to deliver a browser-based version of AutoCAD wherever you access the internet. We have added features that improve the overall application and we have also added CAD functionality to the editing tools.

Next time you log in at www.autocadws.com you may notice some of these changes:


Open/Download from Email

This was one of the key demands for the first release of AutoCAD WS both for the mobile and the web versions. Now when someone shares a drawing with you using AutoCAD WS, you can open it directly from within the notification email. Alternatively, you can download and save the drawing locally from the notification email provided the person sharing it with has given you the appropriate permissions.

Amazon CloudFront

We have upgraded our server performance by working with Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront stores content securely in multiple geographic locations to ensure optimal performance wherever you are.

Zip Import

Now you can bulk upload multiple files at once. Just archive the files as a ZIP file and upload it. AutoCAD WS will extract the individual files and place them in your online account.

CAD Features

Create Block

Now you can create a block in AutoCAD WS just as you always could in AutoCAD. A block is simply defined as a group of AutoCAD objects that combine to form a complete object that you can reuse. Select the objects you want to group together and click Create Block to give your block a name and save it in the Block library.

It’s easy to edit your block and then insert it anywhere in your drawing by clicking Insert Block.

Create Block is also a great way to manage objects when you share your drawing with colleagues allowing them to see and edit the same blocks.


You use the Chamfer function to connect two non-parallel objects by extending or trimming them to meet at an angle and form a new single object. The Chamfer button sits on the Edit tab. You can select the Chamfer function instantly by typing “cha”.


AutoCAD WS now includes the full range of Array functionality. When you select an object you can replicate it in a Rectangular Array by defining the number of rows and columns in your array. Alternatively you can select a Polar Array by identifying the center of a circle and selecting the number of objects you want to array around that center point.

Locked Layers

AutoCAD WS now provides greater support for locked Layers that exist within a drawing that has been imported. This gives you greater freedom to work with your drawing the way you need to.

  • MJ

    Very nice, very nice indeed.

  • Edward Winter

    New version of AutoCAD WS at the AppStore? Newer then version 1.1?

    • Aaron

      Looks like this is just for the online version. Not the apps

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  • Paul Munford

    It’s great to see that you guys are working so hard to keep improving Autocad WS. Well done – Keep it up!

  • Plo

    Would be nice if you can use text in offline mode, because ther is not always wifi at the projects

  • IK

    Great job indeed! dwg files accessible for masses. How about printing in AutoCad WS?

    • Daniel

      We are looking at adding printing functionality in a future release. Stay tuned!