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Evernote & Snap settings in the new AutoCAD 360!
2:31 am  .   July 21, 2014  .   Dorit Ksiazek | Community Manager at AutoCAD 360

Get your new iOS update now!

AutoCAD 360 brings back Evernote to the table: You can now attach your drawing to your notes in Evernote with a few simple taps.



You can also export your Design Feed easily if you want to have a record of your comments.



Make sure the Evernote app is installed on your device before you begin. You can sign in through the AutoCAD 360 settings or you’ll be given the option automatically when exporting to Evernote.



Another great feature is the snap control. We got a lot of requests for this feature from you, so here it is. If you want to turn off the automatic snap feature – you can do it now! Just open the Settings palette, toggle the button and just like that – snap no more!



Other than that, the version also includes bug fixes, so try it out now and let us know how it works!


- Dorit

 AutoCAD 360 Community Manager

  • daemon

    this is crazy why waste your life on this.