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Facecast: Go Mobile with AutoCAD WS

Join Tal Weiss, head of our AutoCAD WS team and co-creator of AutoCAD WS, and Camille Caron, product marketing manager to learn more about this FREE web and mobile application. This is a live event, beginning Thursday, May 26th, at 9AM Pacific time, so we’ll trust you to figure out what time it will play in your area (it will be at 5pm in London, 7pm in Istanbul, midnight in Singapore).

Win a T-shirt!

Tal will be covering a variety of topics and this is your chance to ask him a question directly. And to make it even sweeter, every person whose question is read out during the Facecast will win a T-shirt.

It’s that simple. Ask a question about AutoCAD WS and you could win an AutoCAD WS T-shirt.

We’re particularly looking for questions in the following areas:

  • Future directions of AutoCAD WS
  • Other Autodesk Verticals
  • Security

But if you have any other questions, feel free to post them here or on our Facebook page.

If you can’t make it for the live event, you’ll be able to watch the whole thing afterwards as a recording. So bookmark this page and come back to watch the Facecast!


  1. Chris Weaver says:

    When will 3D support be available on AutoCAD WS?

  2. paul espina says:

    hi, i like autocadws so much. im av design engineer. and it helps me a lot in my work. im using iphone 4, thanks ^_^
    my question is, will the autocadws supports the new autocad 2011 file? thanks

  3. Obdulio says:

    Is it possible to refine the plans?

  4. wtv3d says:

    AutoCAD WS? Support xref links with other saved files in “dropbox” for example ?

  5. Stephy says:

    Theres the AutoCAD WS on the iPad, which I use frequently to take plans around with me..
    but I was wondering if the technology will advance so I’l be able to create plans on the iPad?
    That would be beyond useful!!
    Being able to edit plans or at least add notes to plans so you can go back to a pc to edit them.

  6. Eugene Triphonov says:

    Today web-based version of Autocad WS is mostly a way to open DWG for viewing. I doubt people actually work on a real projects in web version when they have a desktop alternative. But HTML5 and things like that develop very fast nowadays. What do you think about the future of web-based version: will it become a real working tool that’s as mighty and convenient as a desktop Autocad and how soon will it be?

  7. JOEL HANH says:

    How about AutoCAD WS as a viewer for multi-critical formats: dwg, dwf, PDF and jpg; it will help architect/designer to check information quickly in the field…

  8. Donovan Cox says:

    How well does AutoCAD WS work with Inventor DWG files?

  9. Daniel says:

    Great questions everyone. Keep them coming and tune in to the Facecast tomorrow.

  10. Dean says:

    Layers, layers, layers: when, when, when?

  11. Gil says:

    pdf and dwf mark up? We can open a pdf, but can’t draw on it.

  12. Sue Schaefer says:

    I’m a journey electrician and see engineers using iPads with autocad ws on my jobsite.. They all say ws is limited. Is the future to put even more usable tools to make changes to drawings on-site? I’m learning autocad myself and am psyched with MS!!!!

  13. Eric Dubreuil says:

    at my work we work in 3D. But each time they give me a 2D version, Autocad WS will not replece it in the good plan. So all i see d
    The side of 2D drawing. So when will be possible to work 3D or at least able to rotate the drawing on a new plan so we can see it?

  14. Eduardo Vidon says:

    Could we transfer AutoCad WS file via bluetooth to other file?

  15. Lee, Kangsoo says:

    3d modeling, continuous update and would like you to support.

  16. Benjamin SEGUIER says:

    Can we develop Add-ons for AutoCAD WS ?

  17. Ankur says:

    Currently the *.dwg file transfer/sync is via web only.
    Will it remain that way or we can look forward to file transfers via other means – bluetooth, direct read from memory card etc.?

  18. Nimrod Cnaan says:

    We provide mapping & GIS Services to engineering organizations. recently we integrated the AutoCAD WS to some of our services. Customers are very pleased, thay say that it helps them a lot in the day2day business. I have 2 questions:
    1. At this point we would like to incorporate the WS service in some of our application, and for that we need the WS-API on your part. Q-Do you intend to allow any API in the neer future & will it support C#
    2. I have two AutocadMap workstations – home & office, I am having trouble synchronizing with WS-Online feature. Do you intend to solve this problem

  19. Oliver Chinn says:

    Will Autocad WS expand to allow us to review revit models and co-ordination issues?

  20. Laura says:

    AutoCAD WS for mobile devices – what about different languages support? That would be great (Russian, please)

  21. Daniel says:

    OK I’ve recorded all these questions and we’re trying to work out which ones we can do justice to in the Facecast.

    Last chance now, if you have anything else you’d like to know.

    1. Randy Sedlacek says:

      Are you not answering questions from your facebook page? I thought that is where we were suppose to submit questions. And it appears that I’m not the only one who thought this.

  22. ChrisE says:

    I’m impressed and I like it – AutoCAD 2012 + Android mobile and working a treat for simple basics, really useful. Just need layers sorting out, and my viewports show everything including frozen layers which is a bit of a problem. Q – Are dwgs Bump-able?

  23. Jon says:

    When will more advanced options like trim and offset become available?

  24. Mark Schwendau says:

    What does the WS stand for?

    Also, we are seeing some companies in the Midwest looking to edit and treat PDF files as drawings like DWG files.

  25. Randy Sedlacek says:

    Is it possible to print hardcopies from WS to a regular printer?

  26. Isagani Quintin L. Cedo says:

    Its nice and easy carrying drawing plan to jobsite conveniently thru mobile device and I enjoyed it and loved it. But without my knowing one of my colleage accidentaly deleted said sofeware from my phone, I attempting several times for re-downloading but now it was missing at Android Market, likewise I used PC seems it could’nt be installed in my device country (Saudi Arabia), is their any possiblity that i can download/install once again said application in my mobile? (xperia mini pro) Hope hearing from you as soonest. Thanks indeed

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