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Feature Request

Hi everyone,

We hope you had the chance to try the new version of Project Butterfly. We want to further improve the way Butterfly displays different objects and styles, and we also want to add more drawing tools to the mix.

To really answer the users’ needs we need your input on the matter. Vote in our poll and tell what you think:

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  1. j.westin says:

    It would be ideal if we could use the butterfly directly from with drawings that are stored on Autodesk’s Freewheel is a great tool and is already in the box so why not integrate the Butterfly Into the Box as well?
    integrate the Butterfly Into the and We Will Have a complete tool with great storage to work with. I tested the butterfly and it is a great tool to handle. Keep up the good work! It is great!

  2. Scott Heide says:

    This would be perfect for our application if it could handle 3D .dwg files. Note that we only care about view/review and not 3D editing. Are there any plans along those lines?

    1. Butterfly says:

      Hi, Scott.
      At the moment we are more focused on perfecting the 2D viewing and editing experience on the Web. When time comes, we might develop 3D support.

      At the moment Butterfly can probably read at least some 3D AutoCAD objects and interpret them as 2D objects while being non-destructive towards your file.

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