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Feature request
2:47 am  .   January 27, 2010  .   admin

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  • http://www.landmeetdienst.nl Simon Jansen

    Adding layers has an effect on ALL other functions. You don’t use stretch or match properties in every drawing, but you do add layers.
    If you can’t add layers, you can only edit drawings. Never CREATE

    I think you should focus on the functions that add the most functionality at first. With that comes more users an thus more money to develop.
    Make it opensource so that anyone can put up his own server.
    (take the google wave model as a example)

    Thanks for working so hard on expanding the features. Keep up the good work!

  • Butterfly

    Simon, thanks for your feedback.
    I hope you casted your vote in the poll for Adding layers. We are also monitoring other user requests, rather than just this poll – so we do keep our options broad.
    As for the open source, we are not looking in that direction just yet.

    You’re welcome, and stay tuned to the blog for more updates. We roll out a new version every week or two, so more tools will be implemented in the near future.

  • http://www.cadkicks.com Jose Guia

    When I went to create lines I noticed I was not able to input distances in foot-inches formtat.

    Is this a limitation that can be addressed?

  • ipselute

    @Simon Jansen: Sadly, Autodesk never released an open-source project. That’s just not their policy. (Don’t worry, I’m not Autodesk employee).

    • Butterfly

      Not entirely true. Autodesk’s MapGuide is open source.

  • ipselute

    A property panel where i could edit any aspect of an object would be really great.


    firstly great web-workspace,
    for me layers are one of the most important things to create new drawings. however, i am finding it hard that u can not change the the dims created in autocad. making it not so compatible.

    also a property panel would be great as per ipselute

    • Butterfly

      Hi Ranj,
      Thanks a lot for the kind words!
      We will develop the layers dialog soon. This is in top priority for us.

      As for the rest of your requests, I will forward them to our development team. Thanks again!


  • Barry Munson

    In paperspace, the ability to change or control the color of the area outside the paper background when the Options->Display->Layout Elements->Display Paper Background box is checked. It is very difficult to see anything that is drawn in this area when the uniform background is black, the area outside defaults to white. The white color cannot be controlled through windows. This keeps coming up in forums, the only solution is to uncheck the box.