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Massive User Traffic and First Day Scaling Issues

Hi, we wanted to let you know that our first day launch has been a great success so far with tens of thousands of users trying out AutoCAD WS web and mobile and uploading tens of thousands of drawings. This has also been causing a lot of scaling issues which may be affecting the app’s speed and connectivity for some of you. These include disconnects or problems uploading drawings. We’re working on fixing those and adding servers as quickly as we can, so bear with us. All these issues should be fixed very soon, giving you a great experience for uploading and editing as many drawings as you’d like on your browser, phone and tablet.

Update – more servers are up. Things are working better and users are experiencing less disconnections. We’re still working on improving performance.


  1. john andrade says:

    Hi, there is a great job all that iphone/ipad app to work with acad, really, but if we could download dwg and work offline and sync after all, it will be GREAT!!!!!!!!

  2. joe says:

    is there a place to get some tech support? things were working great yesterday, but today my drawings are present in my account on the web, but the ipad app says 0 drawing files. i uploaded a test drawing file. again present on the web but still 0 on the ipad app……



    1. Iris says:

      Hi Joe, e-mail us at

      Send us your account name (e-mail address) and we’ll try to track the problem

      1. Iris says:

        Missing files problem was solved. You can test it now.

  3. Kevin Spear says:

    I’m hoping an android version is coming along soon? I know the tablets are in their infancy, but the phones are certainly established…. Just curious.

  4. David Anderson says:

    Is support for Civil 3D objects in the works?

    1. Iris says:

      Civil 3D is the only AutoCAD vertical which is not supported in WS. Drawings which were created using AutoCAD verticals will look in WS the same as the do in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD does not support proxy objects which are imported from Civil 3D. You can open the drawing in WS but civil 3D objects will not appear.

  5. Cedric says:

    I see my file title on the iphone with the drawing icons at the bottom, but no drawing appears. Do I need to save as a dxf to be able to open and see the drawing?

  6. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Why i’m not able to download the plugin from the page? Iclick on the button and it just reloads the page.

    1. Iris says:

      Carlos, please try again. It works here and I’ve also checked it with other users. Click on the “download” button.

  7. Pepe Vazquez says:

    explorer 8 Firefox 3.6.10 the link for download Autocad plugin not work

    This is the link after three clicks on the download button:
    & one more

  8. Dino says:

    IPhone wrapped up rusulta difficult, for example when you have to measure a
    distance, select the first point with greater precision because the view is covered by the finger.
    WS AutoCAD should not immediately put the first point but, until you lift your finger from the display, giving the possibility to drag your finger across the screen and maybe using object snaps in order to better locate the first point.
    Very often the selection of the first point is wrong then you have to run the command again. Same goes for the command line, circle, and the like.
    Will be improved by selecting the first point with some updating?

  9. Chris Wade says:

    Is there a place that has a tutorial on the Mobile Phone App, specifically what does the button to the right of the undo button on the iPhone App do?

    1. Iris says:

      Sure, get started with

      Check our tutorials section to learn more about the mobile app, web application and AutoCAD plug in –

  10. gargon says:

    Are doing a great job. My sincere congratulations.

  11. alex says:

    great, a really useful tool, but the site I visit is out of 3G range and lack of offline saving means I can’t make use of this app.

  12. Edgar says:

    I get a “not enough resources to open up this drawing” message with the sample drawings that come with tris app. I have the 16Gb 3G model with o ver half of the hard drive free…

  13. mack says:

    Just signed in to use it on MacBookPro and all mac devices but it doesn’t upload my .dwg files.
    I’m really looking forward for this to work properly as promised and get AutoCad Architecture 2011 for Mac.

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