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How to get a floor plan from scratch in less than 5 minutes!
10:30 am  .   August 26, 2014  .   Dorit Ksiazek | Community Manager at AutoCAD 360

How would you like to have floor plans created from scratch and uploaded to AutoCAD 360 in less than five minutes? You’re probably thinking “Drawing by hand? No way is that possible!”. Well, you’re right, it isn’t, but that’s where Room Scan comes in!

Room Scan will automatically draw your plans, all you have to do is tap the walls with your iPad/iPhone and voila! – you have a room, complete with measurements.

photo 2 (1).png

You can add doors and windows when you’re going around the room or later directly on the plan. You can also correct the measurements if they’re off. If you want to add another room in the same plan, just tap the door and start another room.

photo 7.PNG

All that’s left to do after that is export the plan to AutoCAD 360 (as DXF).

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.26.48 PM.png

Once in AutoCAD 360, you can do everything you normally do – add comments in the drawing or the design feed, photos, dimensions, blocks, add your own design to the plan or just share it with your co-workers for more input!

photo 15.PNG

To learn more, watch these videos and start planning away!


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