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How to Get from Paper to CAD in 2 Minutes with Vectorize It
3:30 am  .   April 14, 2014  .   admin

A couple of posts ago, we introduced a new, free Autodesk app for the iPad called Vectorize It, which can help you turn any drawing, floorplan, or pixelated image like a photo into a vector, or line-based, drawing that you can then open and edit in AutoCAD 360. Today, we’re here to tell you how to use it, and why being able to convert photos to vectors is a great addition to your toolkit.

Why should I use Vectorize It?

It will make your life easier. If you’re more comfortable hand-sketching your ideas with pen and paper, all you have to do is take a picture of your sketch and Vectorize It—you’ll be able to open it in AutoCAD 360 in less than 2 minutes.

It will save you time. If you’ve ever pictured something in your head, scribbled it on a napkin or the back of an envelope, then spent the next morning transferring it to AutoCAD, you know what a pain it can be. Now you can just take a photo of your sketch and bring it into AutoCAD 360 in a snap.

You can create a model of an existing building. If you’re renovating or preserving an old building, plans aren’t always available. Take a picture of the building front and export to AutoCAD and you can start working on it in no time. Or, if only hardcopy prints or PDF versions of floorplans exist, you can convert them into CAD-editable files using Vectorize It.

How do I use it?

1) Download Vectorize It for free from the iTunes store:

2) Use your iPad to take a photo of your sketch, drawing, floorplan, or choose an image on your iPad of whatever else you want to capture:
step 2 take photo small


3) Open your image in Vectorize It to generate a line drawing. First, you can crop it (below left; click to enlarge image below), bump up the contrast (below middle) to enhance or smooth out details depending on what you need to see once you open it in AutoCAD 360, and hide the background (below right):


4) Next, straighten lines (below left) and use the erase tool (below right) to clean up any elements you don’t need in the drawing:
group 4


5) Add your dimensions (below left) and then export your file to AutoCAD 360 (below middle & right). You’ll also have the option of emailing your image as an SVG or DXF file:
group 5


6) Open up your now vector-based drawing in AutoCAD 360, where you can edit it further if you like:

step 6

The rest is up to you! There are endless ways to use Vectorize It. Download it now, play around with it, use it for fun or for a work project, and tell us how it makes your life easier. We’ll be back with more tips and tricks next week, so check back soon.

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