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How to Get the Best out of Plotting – Poll
5:47 pm  .   June 27, 2011  .   admin

More and more people are starting to use AutoCAD WS to plot their drawings and we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the best ways to make the most of this feature. Also, we are running a poll to see what you think is still missing.

Three ways for you to use Plot with AutoCAD WS

  1. As long as you’re working on a project, you may want an up-to-date hard copy of your drawing available for anyone to stop by and have a look. Using AutoCAD WS, you can share your drawing with a colleague and have them use Plot to output to a PDF for daily printing to a regular printer or plotter.
  2. Whenever you’re out of the office whether you’re working from home or on a business trip, you can use Plot to create a PDF of your designs to print locally.
  3. When you’re visiting a site and making changes to a drawing using the AutoCAD WS mobile app for Android or iOS, you can plot the latest version including all your changes and review them as a PDF or hard copy print out.


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  • Sean

    Anyone know where the plots go? I plot the display, I see the little indicator that says
    “plotting”. The indicator goes away, but no dialogue box comes up to pick download from.

    Am using IE7


    • Tal

      Sean – shoot us an email at feedback@autocadws.com and we’ll work with you to figure out the problem.

  • Gus Dagan

    I have my sd card in my samsung galaxy tab, wish there will be an option to save on it, and as soon as am back in office, I can plot it right away.

    • Tal

      Thanks for the input Gus.

  • Javier

    Is there a way to print directly to our printer directly from the software? Or we must download always the file first before printing?

    My issue is that i need to give authorization to a partner to print a document but i don´t want that file downloaded in his computer, is there a way to do this with AutoCAD WS?