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How to Go Pro
How to Go Pro: 5 Reasons Why AutoCAD 360 In-App Purchasing Rocks
3:30 am  .   April 7, 2014  .   admin

You know the drill—you’ve downloaded the free version of a hot app and now you want to go upgrade to the pro version. You have to download (and pay for) the pro version separately. Not so with AutoCAD 360—today we’ll explain how you can upgrade to Pro using in-app purchasing, and what the advantages are to you.

What is in-app purchasing, and how do you purchase AutoCAD 360 Pro?

In-app purchasing means you don’t have to download a whole new app—it’s more like you’re “unlocking” tons of new, advanced features in addition to the features you get with the free app.

It’s dead simple. Just open the app, and on the side menu, click the Go Pro option. If you have an iPhone, you’ll complete the purchase through Apple, so enter your Apple ID and choose the monthly or annual option (or Pro Plus for extra storage). All you have to do at this point is enter your Apple password, and whichever credit card is connected to your iTunes account will be charged. If you have an Android phone, you’ll go through the same drill, just using Google Play. Pro plans are auto-renew so you won’t have to re-purchase it every month. It’s really just as easy as buying a song or an app through iTunes or Google Play!

That’s cool. But why does in-app purchasing rock, exactly?

1. You can turn AutoCAD 360 Pro on or off as you need it, depending on what you’re working on and which features you need—for example, you might be working on a project for 2-3 months and need the Pro features, then want to turn them off once the project is done

2. By turning the Pro plan on and off depending on your project needs, you can tie the purchase cost to a particular project (for a rundown on why this is a particularly great idea for small businesses, check out this recent blog post on Line/Shape/Space)

3. There’s no waiting—you can unlock Pro features straightaway without having to download a whole new, duplicative app

4. You can turn auto-renew off in your settings whenever you need or want to turn it off

5. In-app purchases are made through Apple or Google Play, which means you get the security you would expect with an Apple or Google Play purchase

You might not even have known that there are tons of Pro features at your fingertips—and you can turn them on in seconds. And for the cost of a fancy latte, it’s a super low-risk investment. If you need a little help deciding which plan (free, Pro, or Pro Plus) is right for you, check out this post. Check back next week for more tricks and tips, but in the meantime, try out AutoCAD 360 Pro and let us know what you think!