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How To Manage Folders in AutoCAD WS
5:38 pm  .   February 9, 2011  .   admin

The file manager in the AutoCAD WS mobile app is a simple display of the files in your online account. When you access AutoCAD WS through your PC or your Mac’s web browser you can add folders and move, rename or delete files. Any folders you create and changes that you make to your files will also show up in your mobile app.

Just point your PC or your Mac’s browser to www.autocadws.com and log in with the same email address and password that you use with your mobile device.

Click on Drawings to access the root directory of your AutoCAD WS account. From here you have access to some additional functionality that doesn’t exist in the mobile app.


New Folder

You can use the New Folder button to create and name new folders to organize your drawings any way you like.

Copy, Cut, Paste

Use the Copy, Cut and Paste functions to manage your online drawings. You can also move a file into a folder by clicking on it and dragging it over the folder you select.

Please note that you cannot copy drawings into a system folder like the one that holds your fonts. Also, you cannot move or copy a system folder.

You can access each of the commands to Copy, Cut or Paste by right clicking. For more information about right-clicking, check out this post from last week.


The Delete button in the AutoCAD WS web app is the only way to permanently delete files from your online account. Once you delete a file this way, you will not be able to access it again either through the web or the mobile app.

As with the other functions, you can select multiple files for deletion and you can also delete files by right-clicking and selecting Delete Selected.


Choose your preferred viewing mode from the available selection: Small Thumbnails, Large Thumbnails or List.


You can rename any file or folder by clicking on the file’s name in Thumbnail view or by right-clicking and selecting Rename Selected.