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How to Plot to PDF with AutoCAD WS
6:06 pm  .   May 11, 2011  .   admin


The recent update to the web version of AutoCAD WS introduced an important innovation.  The new Plot button enables you to select several criteria including the Style, Layout and Scale of your design before plotting with the following form:


Plot Style

The plot style will usually default to Grayscale, but you can select an alternative CTB or STB from the drop down list provided you have uploaded it to AutoCAD WS. If your DWG identifies a stylesheet that has not been uploaded, you will be able to upload it before continuing with your plot.

Plot To

The default is PDF, but you can also select DWF at this point. Please note that both PDF and DWF have been added to the dropdown behind the Download button where they will be downloaded with all attributes set to default.

Layout & Area


For the first time AutoCAD WS allows you to select a layout other than the one you are currently viewing.

Paper Size

The default selection is standard A1, but the drop down list contains a wide variety of paper sizes for you to choose from.

Plot Area

You may choose to plot your design either as Extents or just the part of the design currently in the display.

Drawing Orientation

You can toggle between Portrait and Landscape.


The Fit to Paper checkbox is checked by default, but you can uncheck it and select a new scale from the dropdown.

Once you click the OK button your design will be plotted and you will receive the following confirmation message:

Click Download to browse your local drives for a suitable destination for your new PDF.

  • Mike Ashton

    Very frustrating to work without any support available. FAQs are pointless and don’t offer any solutions Blog is typical Autodesk “support” hype, no real help just the high points.
    Layers don’t stay turned off and locked!
    What is the file size limit?
    I continue to get error message” file size not supported at this time” so using WS is
    a conundrum! the tutorials are incomplete and leave you wondering how much real thought
    was put into it or was it just “push out ” to meet an arbitrary deadline. Nice idea but without complete instructions just a half thought!

    • Tal

      Hi Mike,

      Lets answer these one at a time :)

      1.The file size limit for DWGs is 15MB to open in the editor. For simple file storage the limit is 50mb.

      2. What information is missing from the tutorials section – http://www.autocadws.com/tutorials

      3 . Problem with layers – please write a short email with a description of the problem to feedback@autocadws.com and see if you get an answer. Test us!

  • dun

    ok..i love autocad ws

  • Randy

    This App is great. I am a land surveyor and I love to be able to download a drawing to my
    I Phone and take it to the field with me. It does a lot for a Free App. Love It.

  • Scott Sheppard

    Is there a way to use it with web-based printers?

  • Wes

    Every time I try to plot a drawing, it never gets to “plotted succesfully”. So How do I get it to save the drawings to my computer?

    • Matt

      Wes, not sure if this applies to you, but I found that I could never get it to the “plotted successfully” pop-up in Chrome; I had to switch to IE for it to work. Also on larger file sizes, it took a few minutes for it to pop up.

  • MWebb

    I can’t get it to PDF plot the revised drawing properly. Even though the screen shows the revised drawing perfectly, it always just plots the originally upload version of the file not showing any of the changes seen on the screen even after multiple saves, reloads, reboots, F words, thrown books, etc.

    The save file to my desktop only saves a corrupted version as well.

    Makes all the coolness of the rest of it kind of pointless.

    Help. What am I doing wrong?

  • Jonathan Astill

    Everything about AutoCAD WS is very easy to use. No hefty manuals or headaches.
    However, I have not worked out how to print PDFs directly from the software to my printer. I press plot and the a small circle indicates that something is happening but then it just dissappears. I’ve trawled the net and noticed that other people have asked the same question but still can’t find an answer. I would be very grateful if someone could help.

  • Robert Hempel

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get your drawing from model space into the paperspace view? I am used to using hte MVIEW command but that is not an option with Autocadws.

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