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How To Upload Files Into AutoCAD WS
1:53 pm  .   April 27, 2011  .   admin

The good thing is that there is no one right way to do this. AutoCAD WS has a number of methods to enable you to upload your drawings into your online account.

Your Android or iOS Phone / Tablet

Android and iOS users: Any drawing that you receive as an attachment to your email client in an iOS or Android phone or tablet can be uploaded into your AutoCAD WS account. You can also open drawings that were stored in your Dropbox or Box.net folder when you access them through the appropriate mobile app.

Android users: when you browse your file management app, simply tap on any DWG files saved on your SD card to open it in AutoCAD WS and upload it to your account.

iOS users: Even if your email client appears unable to open the attachment, you should be able to tap “Open with…” and select AutoCAD WS to upload the drawing to your online account and view it.

The AutoCAD WS Web App (www.autocadws.com)

Point the browser in your PC or Mac to www.autocadws.com and register or login to your online account.

Once the app is running in your browser you can upload files from any of the main areas, Messages, Drawings and Editor, by clicking the appropriate button and browsing for the files you want to upload.



Turning to the AutoCAD desktop product. Both AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD LT 2012 (together with AutoCAD for Mac) were released with a new Online tab in the main ribbon.

When you open a drawing you can click the Upload button to copy the file into your online account. It can then be viewed, edited and share from any computer or mobile device running AutoCAD WS.

Furthermore, we have published a plugin for the past two versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT which you can download from here: http://autocadws.com/downloads

Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, you will find an additional Online tab which will enable you to upload files directly to your AutoCAD WS account.

  • Nicklas

    Why is .dwf not supported?

    • Daniel

      You can now download your drawings in DWF. You can also upload,view and mark up PDF files, but for now you cannot view DWF files in AutoCAD WS.

  • Brian

    Any future plans to incorporate 3D features and orbit command into the app?

    • Tal

      We definitely want to make sure all aspects of DWG are supported in WS, 3D being one of them.

  • Daniel Swords

    We need the ability to browse and open local files. DWF support is also critical.

  • Rachel

    I’m sorry to hijack this thread but I need urgent help and can’t find any other route to contact anyone on the site!
    Yesterday I was uploading dwg files and plotting them to pdf, once the plot was done a window appeared to tell me it was complete and it had a download button which I clicked to save the pdf file to my computer.
    Toady I’ve done the exact same thing but the window doesn’t appear, and therefore no download button. Where does the pdf go and how can I save it?
    Getting a bit desperate now as the pdfs I’m plotting from autocad on my laptop are printing out with half of the lines missing and the ones from this app are fine!

  • edd diama

    now i can edit my drawing on the go!!!


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  • Utility Company

    DWF Viewing would be great.
    Could be an alternative to creating our own website to view our DWF Librarys? MagGuide excepted. No ActiveX Plugin and browser restrictions.
    Whats the Storage capacity of a WS account?!!

    What about Privacy?

    • Daniel

      There is no storage limit for now with AutoCAD WS.

      We follow industry best practices for security and now you can even store you designs on your own server with our new Connect to Service feature.

  • Mark

    This is the beginning of the Software on Demand craze. It makes quite an impact,! It’s really great work from Autodesk and I shame myself at how I just can’t keep up.

    But still have concerns about who administers the Cloud. Administrators have access to everything and my belief in privacy for security’s sake, is somewhat up in the air (excuse the pun). Some say G.O.D. administers the cloud…but who is he anyway! Certainly not my Big Brother.

    • Daniel

      Mark, you might like this post http://www.autocadws.com/blog/how-to-store-your-autocad-ws-drawings-anywhere/ which introduces the new Connect to Service feature. Now you can store your designs anywhere you like and AutoCAD will read and write to them from there.

      In other words, you won the cloud. Set up a server (or a Dropbox account) and use that to access your drawings from anywhere with AutoCAD WS.

      • Mark

        Still not convinced. ; ))

        Yes I’ll request the File from my client device. But all activities will be monitorable on the server that serves the WS application? No? Yes I can connect to anything that’s not on the Cloud infrastructure (Google, Amazon…) but logging of some sort and content sieving could be happening somewhere at the server. No?

        Look…I think these are valid questions, but I’m not a Web genius and neither are most people. But…they need to be asked for my education and the clearing up of certain paranoid fears that alot of people have about the disappearance of the borders of privacy. Google and G:O:D: knows who already know heaps about everyone. That’s what market advantage is all about. But the skys certainly not the limit. No?

  • Khalil

    Is there a way to open a file with Xref ???
    I uploaded the drawing alone and the Xref alone but when i opened the drawing the Xref didn’t
    show up.

  • http://www.hrcadcentre.com/ Rahul

    Thank you, for sharing such knowledgeable information regarding the uploading of files in Auto Cad training classes. I was having some sort of problem but after reading this article my problem have been sort out.