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In the trenches with AutoCAD 360 – A medieval castle restoration
10:36 am  .   June 17, 2014  .   Sharin Regev | User Research at AutoCAD 360

During the AutoCAD 360 Mobile Beta, we got the opportunity to observe our users from a very close perspective, and hear about their amazing work.

Kim Pedersen, Project manager and Surveyor in the Danish Nature Agency, is one of them. Kim is working on the Maersk-funded restoration project of Hammershus, a medieval castle ruin situated on the island of Bornholm in Denmark.

Hammershus dates back to before the 12th Century, originally built to support the holy crusaders in their campaign towards christening the Baltic region.

Kim with scanner.jpg


As part of the restoration process, Kim and his team of 3 architects work to digitally laser scan the entire sight to a precise 3D-model of the complicated structures, resulting in a complete 3D-model of the castle. The almost countless amount of GB of point clouds generated each day, is reprocessed in AutoCAD 2015 into deliverables that can be managed by the architects using AutoCAD 360 on their iPads directly on the scaffolding.


All of the 3D point cloud data is turned in to 2D-orthophotos, in which all of the information is documented directly on sight, and stored on the Autodesk 360 cloud service.

This generates a lot of drawings on a daily basis. Kim is managing the data on the Autodesk 360 application, making sure there is only one copy of the original drawing that contains the most updated data. This insures the integrity of the data, and keeps information, data and design feed comments accessible to everyone involved in the project.

Pointcloud in Autocad.jpg


AutoCAD 360 enables the team to collect and capture “real-time” digital data, as the structures are analyzed. This is fundamentally different from how architects and archaeologists are used to work, like pen and paper analog work methods.



Be sure to follow the Hammershus project on Facebook and on Twitter (@Tjilling) and let us know if there’s anything special YOU’RE doing with AutoCAD 360!


- Sharin

  AutoCAD 360 user researcher