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Integrating AutoCAD 360 Into Every Phase of a Project: Part 1
5:15 am  .   February 3, 2014  .   admin

Over our next few posts, we’ll explain how some of the different functionality in AutoCAD 360 can be easily integrated into the way you work today. As we’ve said before, AutoCAD 360 can save you time and money and help you be more productive at every stage of whatever project you’re working on.

In the coming weeks, we’ll look at the different ways AutoCAD 360 can complement how you’re already working during every phase of a given job:

  • Pre-bid/Bid and Contract
  • Planning and Design
  • Procurement and Installation
  • Close-out/Invoicing and Continuing Management

Today, we’ll tackle the Pre-bid/Bid and Contract phase.

Phase 1: Pre-bid/Bid and Contract


Receive and Store Electronic Drawing Files

When you receive .DWG files from your architect or general contractor, you can open them directly from email or upload them to AutoCAD 360—saving you the hassle of having to scan print drawings, save electronic files elsewhere, or hunt through old emails to find them.

Visit the Site

While you take photos and make notes on site, you can add them directly to the drawing files you’ve received. You can also create initial sketches to include in your proposal using AutoCAD 360 or Sketchbook (even if you don’t have CAD experience). After making a site visit, you can share your drawings, photos, and notes with relevant team members—just choose whether to grant them View or Edit permission.

Generate and Present Your Proposal

Using AutoCAD 360 ensures that all drawings, notes and photos are stored together in one place, so you can access them anytime, from anywhere, on your mobile device—and you can pull them all up in a snap. And you’ll impress your client when you walk into meetings with a sleek tablet or smartphone instead of a pile of paper plans and photo prints.


In our upcoming posts, you’ll see how AutoCAD 360 can help collaboration and communication between CAD draftsman, PM, foreman, installers, and clients more easily and efficiently throughout your project. In the meantime, check out this tutorial post on getting started with the basics in AutoCAD 360.

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