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José from Puerto Rico Asked for Layers Support – We Delivered
5:28 pm  .   September 1, 2011  .   admin

José Sánchez working hard with AutoCAD WS

We get feedback every day from you, our users. People write us emails (feedback@autocadws.com) or they leave us messages on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

It’s important to us to read all the feedback we get and we use it to help decide what we’re going to include with each future release.

José Sánchez is one of several people that wrote to us requesting that we add support for layers to AutoCAD WS. Once we knew that this feature was going to be included in our last release, we wrote back to José to ask him about working with AutoCAD WS and why layers were so important to him.

Name: José Sánchez

Title: CAD Manager/Designer

Company: GC&A Architecs, Engineers and Environmental, San Juan, Puerto Rico

José’s Story

Thank you for a good product. I’d like to tell you that AutoCAD WS is amazing!! I have been talking to friends and co-workers about it.

I have been working with Autodesk products (specially Autocad) for 11 years and I know the importance and advantage of working with layers in Autocad and how they can improve Autocad WS.

I work for a engineering/architecture company where we receive multidisciplinary CAD files and it’s important to note this because this is where layers make my work easier. If I need to show utilties only for a client, I just isolate that layer, without the need of bringing more than one CAD file to the meeting. When you use one xref to insert in both architecture and civil engineering drawings it’s important that civil elements dont show in architecture drawings.

Layers gives control of your work, without it, AutoCAD is not AutoCAD :- )

Even if you dont have a standard for layers in your company, you will use them for individual control of your work. Sometimes you need to lighten areas on your plans (existing structures in a project) to differentiate them from proposed structures. Just make a layer, change it to the color with less screening and magic happens in the middle of a meeting in less than a minute.

I know that AutocCAD WS is a work in progress but I will be more than pleased to use layers in this amazing tool.

If you or your company would like to be featured in a future post, get in touch through any of the usual channels and let us know.

José using AutoCAD WS on his laptop and iPod touch
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