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Keyboard Shortcuts in Butterfly
6:05 am  .   March 4, 2010  .   admin

We’ve discussed the command line before, and people wanted a faster way to access commands.

Truth is, Project Butterfly had several keyboard shortcuts since the beginning – the same commands from AutoCAD. When you type a command in Butterfly you don’t have have to press Enter, the command will execute automatically.

We’ve prepared a quick reference of our commands that you can use with your keyboard:

Move: m / move
Rotate: ro / rotate
Scale: sc / scale
Mirror: mi / mirror
Offset: o / offset
Trim: tr / trim
Edit text: tedit
Explode: x / explode
Match Properties: ma / matchprop

Line: l / line
Polyline: pl / pline
Circle: c / circle
Rectangle: rec / rectangle
Ellipse: el / ellipse
Cloud: revcloud
Leader: le / leader
Arc: a / arc
Insert block: i / insert
Insert text: dt / dtext / text / mt / t
Linear dimension: dimlin / dimlinear
Aligned dimension: dal / dimali
Angular dimension: dimang / dimangular

Copy: cp / copy / co / CTRL+C
Cut: cutclip / CTRL+X
Paste: pasteclip / CTRL+V
Undo: u / undo / CTRL+Z
Redo: redo / CTRL+Y
Erase: e / erase / DEL key
Zoom window: z / zoom
Pan: p / pan
Ortho mode: ortho / F8
Snap mode: snap / os / F3
Line weight mode: F4

Color: col / color
Layers: la / layer
Linetype: lt / linetype

Layouts: lo / layout
Xrefs: er / xref

So start typing, and have fun with your commands.

Tell us what you think, we’d love to know.

  • http://valgargon.weebly.com gargon

    I’ve been testing these latest features and I liked a lot, so you draw faster. I especially like that do not need press enter.
    One thing that I had not realized until now is that you can not create new files from Project Butterfly, implement this would be very good, since this could work directly on the web, at least with certain files.
    Thank you very much to continue working and improving.

  • http://cad-notes.com Edwin Prakoso

    This is what I’m talking about :)
    No need to add command line, and it’s more Windows-ish than AutoCAD ;) I wish AutoCAD implement similar feature… hahaha…


    this is great, but getting used to the fact that i do not need to press enter, as i am used to that when using autocad
    but i still would love to have the command line so that u could keep eye and follow your commands from the past.
    keep adding command shortcuts

  • http://www.blog.cadnauseam.com/ Steve Johnson

    Back in ancient history, there was a low-cost DOS-based CAD application called Generic CADD. It had an interface pretty much like you describe here; type two letters and immediately start using the command, no Enter required. Worked very efficiently, apparently. Oh, and it had a command line. You may wish to look into it and its successors.

    Autodesk, feeling threatened, bought the company. It promoted the product for a while and then killed it, leaving behind a lot of angry customers. I hope your group fares better!

  • ipse lute

    You’ve made lot of people happy by adding those shortcuts. All my prays for you.!

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  • http://Google Prasad.pdrc

    It is so helpful 4 the learners, i referred and checked out the all shortcuts, soo gud, thank u

  • http://gustifile.blogspot.com/ gustian

    eh ada pak edwin prakoso… wah saya sering lihat artikel bapak lho… :)

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