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Meet Alon, Android developer, pianist and gamer
12:38 am  .   August 21, 2014  .   Alon Minski | Android Developer

My name is: Alon Minski.

My Job Title: Android developer

What I actually do:
Developing the wonderful Autodesk application : AutoCAD 360 for Android devices.
Mainly this means developing and maintaining java code in Android framework. Lots of activities, fragments, adapters, xml files, integers, doubles, handlers, interfaces, classes, variables, parameters, weakly referenced, strongly referenced, OnClickListeners, OnLongClickListeners, entities, data base, content providers and many many more elements that all need to work in concert, governed by me. That is what I do and I love it.

Alom Minski.jpg

Why do I like working here:
I truly believe Autodesk might be the best workplace in the country. The slickness of operation, the work environment which is totally a worker centred environment, my co workers, the management, the building, the facilities and of course all the candy in the world! What is there not to like??

What I like to do on my spare time:
First thing I do when I get back home is play some music on my Yamaha U3 piano. This means classical music and improvising some jazz accompanied by a backing track on my speaker system. From there, it’s Battlefield 3/4 (on PC !! NOT PS4 or xbox or any one of those… … hybrids!!). At a certain point I might switch to some online chess on my iPhone (yeah, that’s right, an iPhone). But between any activity, this or another that I might take, I will certainly try to convince my wife to try it with me. And I must say that she’s become quite good at playing BF3 actually. Sniper class. So beware.

My favorite app is:
Waze. Isn’t it obvious? Flawless. Always true, always serving. I do believe that an app that serves its user at really important points during the day, is an excellent app. And Waze provides just that. Not to mention the technical hardship that I’m certain the developers encountered during development. Well done.

But a closing in rival, blazing its way, Autocad 360 !! :)


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