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Meet Asaf – Our Mobile Team Leader at AutoCAD 360
2:12 am  .   July 18, 2014  .   Asaf Shveki | Mobile team leader at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Asaf Shveki


My Job Title: Mobile Team Leader at AutoCAD 360


What I actually do:

As a team leader, I help the team and advise them with design issues, how to

develop in the right standards, help with technical issues, and working with Git and Jenkins.

I also manage tasks (who does what) and set deadlines. During the last version release (iOS 3.0 – the new design) I spent most of my time developing as well.

The last and main thing is to keep the team morale up! A happy team works better and the atmosphere here is great!!!

Asaf Shveki 02.JPG


Why do I like working here:

The challenge is huge – as an iOS developer I have never faced an application which uses almost every feature of the device, like AutoCAD 360 does. There are high standards to uphold, which forces you to be the best you can be. And finally, the team is great, good looking and very intelligent guys (and girls)!


What I like to do on my spare time:

In my spare time I enjoy the city of Tel-Aviv, watching the ‘Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey’ T.V show and taking care of my vegetable garden. I even succeeded to grow, on my own, 300 grams of carrots!


Asaf Shveki 01.JPG


My favorite app is:

BADLAND (by Frogmind). It’s a great game with cool sounds and graphics. I highly recommend it! I really appreciate the thought and the physics engine the developers implemented into the game. Expedia’s app also rocks in my opinion.


I hope you like AutoCAD 360 as much as I do.

- Asaf