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Meet Ivon, Android developer and baker!
5:56 am  .   August 28, 2014  .   Ivon Yamin | Android Developer at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Ivon Yamin

My Job Title: Android Developer


What I actually do:
I am developing the Autocad360 mobile app for Android. We’re rebuilding it entirely from scratch – opened a new project and rewrote the Autocad Android platform code with only the editor core sdk in hand (our c++ editor library). On our team, every member is in charge of different aspects of the app. I’ve worked on the toolbar, services sdk (autocad rest api sdk) and palettes.

Why do I like working here:
I like working here because we face a lot of challenges. Autocad360 is a huge and complicated app which packs a lot of functionality, so developing it means constantly thinking of design – how to build the app so it will be flexible, modular and easy to build upon in the future.


What I like to do on my spare time:
I love cooking and baking, and just recently finished a three months long baking class. I also practice some sports: I play volleyball twice a week and right now I’m preparing for a Nike night marathon – I’ll be running in the 10km category.

My favorite app is:
Snapguide is my favorite app, mainly because of its design – it looks great, the animations are smooth and it’s easy to use. It offers a lot of DIY ideas in many areas, like home decor, cooking, renovating furniture, art and more.


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