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Meet Roie – Our Server Tech Lead at AutoCAD 360
10:52 am  .   July 25, 2014  .   Roie Cohen | Server Tech Lead

My name is: Roie Cohen

My Job Title: Server Tech Lead at AutoCAD 360

What I actually do:

Together with our developers from Singapore, I’m working on the heart of AutoCAD 360: converting a DWG file to a unique format that can only be viewed and edited in AutoCAD 360 Web and Mobile.

As a veteran of AutoCAD 360 (almost 6 years!), I’m in charge of assigning the tasks, as well as controlling the progress of the team, making sure we hit the deadlines.

I also help the team improve the current code, as well as design and add new code to the system.

In addition, from a technical perspective, I help monitor problems that are reported by our users, and direct them to the relevant teams in AutoCAD 360. We work hard on addressing these issues and try to provide a solution as soon as we can.

Why do I like working here:

At AutoCAD 360 the options are unlimited: I started as an action-script/Flash developer, continued to the server side, performed a team leader role for Mobile and Web, and now I’m back to the server.

The flexibility in Autodesk is a huge advantage, but the biggest Like would go to my co-workers: fun and smart people, which I learn from each and every day. The work with US and Singapore is surely contributing a lot to my personal development and satisfaction.

What I like to do on my spare time:

On my spare time, I play soccer twice a week. I even play on Autodesk local and international teams!

I’ve recently completed my MBA degree in Tel-Aviv University, which means I need to find new hobbies! Any suggestions? :)


My favourite app is:

WhatsApp. Definitely WhatsApp. Nothing to add.

I also think that Waze is a fantastic traffic and navigation app, which simply makes life easy.


- Roie