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Meet the AutoCAD 360 Dogs!
11:36 am  .   August 16, 2014  .   Dorit Ksiazek | Community Manager at AutoCAD 360

At AutoCAD 360, dogs have been welcome since day one. That’s why, when looking for our new offices, one of the top priorities was finding a place that allows dogs in. Having dogs in the work environment is a great thing, they make people laugh and it makes it easier for their humans to concentrate on work when they’re not worried about their little friend getting lonely at home. So come on and meet the AutoCAD 360 four legged friends!



Bella is the official queen of the office and she runs a tight ship! No running around the office without her say so. She keeps a vigilant eye on the city as well, making sure everyone is safe.

When she’s off duty, she like taking long naps in Jonathan’s office or wherever is most comfortable if he’s out.

She makes sure to participate in all office events as well, costume parties included!



With her spiky white fur, our Cocus was named after the coconut fruit. She loves stirring up commotion wherever she goes and hiding from Chen (her owner) whenever she can.

Her best friend and co-conspirator in the office is Sol and you can often see them sprinting in the hallways together.

During meetings you can find Cocus sitting up on someones lap enjoying their petting and sometimes she’ll bark her opinion on the matters at hand.



Sol (sun in Spanish) is one of our oldest companions in the Autodesk office, she’s very flexible and enjoys taking long naps in weird positions.

Sol also like dressing up, so Sol’s owner Sharin makes sure she always has something pretty to prounce around in.

During lunch, you can always count on Sol to stick up her nose from beneath the table, put her snout in your lap and give you sad puppy eyes (some of us are not yet immuned).

Sol & Cocus with their humans, Sharin & Chen.



Zeus is a Maltese, a small energetic ball of fur.

Named after a greek god, Zeus is pampered accordingly. He enjoys the occasional rope cigar and even dressing up in a tux – well, just the once, when he was best man at his parents wedding :)



Shuli is our latest addition to the AutoCAD 360 team, and she brings lots of hugs and kisses to make our day better. She likes everybody!


Shuli doesn’t like cats, so taking her along for lunch to a restaurant patio can be challenging, but she’s all heart and we love her! Plus, she’s a football fan too!

Shuli 2.jpg

Shuli with her favorite team’s scarf

We hope you enjoyed meeting our friends! Leave a comment if you love your dogs too!

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