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Meet the Design Feed: The Pros and Cons
4:45 am  .   January 27, 2014  .   admin

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Design Feed provides an easy way for you to document drawing and site changes, and communicate with your team members—saving you time (and money). We think it’s invaluable—but you should decide for yourself. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of incorporating Design Feed into the way you work:



  • All of the items associated with a job are in one place. Design Feed is the perfect place to store all parts lists, notes, punch lists, and photo documentation associated with a job. Be sure to check out our posts on adding photos and adding notes to CAD drawings if you haven’t already.
  • Lets you easily incorporate collaborators. Save yourself the back and forth between your Project Manager, CAD draftsman, installers, and anyone else on your team. Design Feed lets non-CAD users and designers collaborate directly from a central location.
  • Less clean up when the job is done. Using Design Feed to mark up drawings and make notes means less to clean up during the revision process and when you finish a job.
  • It notifies your team when notes are added. Whoever you tag in Design Feed posts are emailed automatically when notes are added, saving you time—no need to email your team separately to let them know there’s been a change.



  • It’s not what you’re used to. Using the Design Feed may be very different from your usual workflow. We’ve engineered it to be easy and intuitive, but like anything else, there will be a learning curve as you get used to doing things differently.
  • Notes are hidden when you print. Once a drawing is finalized, the Design Feed will have kept track of all your notes and changes, but you won’t see them when the drawing is printed out. There’s an easy workaround for that—just export the drawing’s notes to Evernote. More info on how to export CAD drawing notes to Evernote can be found here.

We hope it’s been helpful to see the Design Feed pros and cons laid out in one place. Keep your eye on this space—more tips on using AutoCAD 360 are coming up soon. Sign in to AutoCAD 360 and start using Design Feed today!