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Meet the Design Feed: Your New Best Friend
5:30 am  .   January 20, 2014  .   admin

Design Feed Overview

The Design Feed is one of the most helpful features of AutoCAD 360—it provides an easy way for you to document drawing and site changes, communicate with your team members, and simplify your workflow.

The Design Feed documents the conversation between you, your team members, and your client about a particular drawing. It tracks your changes and notes, lets you include reference photographs, and allows other people on your team to review, reply to, or resolve the issues you mark on your drawings.

Using the Design Feed can save you the trouble of creating, tracking, and printing multiple versions of the drawings you work with and cleaning up drawing notes and annotations—and in doing so, can save you time and money.

Using AutoCAD 360’s Design Feed is a better way to:

  • Track drawing revisions without creating multiple files
  • Mark up and add notes to drawings without having to clean them up later
  • Add photos to bring context to specific parts of drawings
  • Enable team members with little to no CAD experience to add their notes and comments to drawings



How to Find the Design Feed

Open any drawing in AutoCAD 360. In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see an icon that looks like a folded newspaper. Click on it to open the Design Feed for that particular drawing.

In each drawing’s Design Feed, you can view, create, and share “posts”—notes or messages—regarding different areas of that drawing. The Design Feed shows you all posts for each drawing, with the most recent posts at the top.

Tap on any existing post and you’ll have three options:

  • Click View to view the part of the drawing that’s been tagged with a comment or question.
  • Click Reply to type in a response to the comment or question in the post. Your replies will appear in a thread below the original post.
  • Click Resolve if the issue has been resolved.

In our upcoming blog posts, we’ll share more tips on why using Design Feed might be more productive than the way you are working today. You’ll be using it like a pro in no time, onsite and at your office.