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Meet the Team
12:11 pm  .   October 7, 2010  .   Jonathan

That's me, Jonathan!We have been overwhelmed by the response to last week’s launch of the AutoCAD WS mobile app for the iPhone and the iPad. You can get the app now by going  to the App Store page, or by visiting the AutoCAD WS mobile page.

Since the launch we have been consistently in the iTunes top 5 downloaded apps in the Productivity section which tells us we must be doing something right!

I thought this would be a great time to introduce the team that worked together to make it all happen.

I’m Jonathan, by the way, the R&D Manager for AutoCAD WS. I’ve been with this project since its inception. You can write to me directly at jonathan.seroussi@autodesk.com.


First up, the Product Manager of AutoCAD WS, Iris Shoor. Iris was the originator of Project Butterfly which evolved into AutoCAD WS. She was the first with the vision to take a great product like AutoCAD and make it work on the web and on mobile devices. Iris is the key decision maker when it comes to determining which features will make it into the next version AutoCAD WS. So, Android-lovers, if you’re serious about bringing AutoCAD WS to your platform, Iris is the one you need to be nice to! You can appeal to her directly here: iris.shoor@autodesk.com.


Niv Steingarten has been working on AutoCAD WS longer than any other developer. Niv is a veteran of late nights and early starts and he understands as much as anybody the huge effort that has gone into getting this release ready. As the project evolved and it became clear that the initial target for release was to be the iPhone and iPad, Niv was the one responsible for porting the project onto Apple’s iOS. If you have any questions about the development of AutoCAD WS, why not write to Niv directly at niv.steingarten@autodesk.com?


Shani is our queen of QA. While we’re sure that AutoCAD WS had no more than its fair share of development hiccups, it was Shani that made sure that we identified as many issues as possible and eliminated each one prior to launch. As we strive to improve the product with each future release, Shani’s experience will continue to be extremely valuable to the project. You can write to Shani here: shani.segev@autodesk.com.



When it comes to the look and feel of AutoCAD WS, we couldn’t have asked for a cleaner and more accessible design than Eviathar delivered. It was always his dream to design a successful iPhone app and his contribution cannot be overstated. Eviathar designed everything from the website to the app itself, exercising his considerable skills as designer without losing sight of the need to maintain a high level of functional usability. He welcomes your feedback here: eviathar.sarizada@autodesk.com.


  • Jimmy Bergmark

    Nice to “meet” you guys. Keep up the good work!

    JTB World

  • Ian Justice

    Can you raise the upload file limit so I can have access to all of my files as I work across 3 countries? Keep up the good work team!!!!


    • Jonathan

      There is actually no limit to the number of files you can upload. If you’re uploading through http://www.autocadws.com and your browser we have capped the upload at 10 files at a time to keep things running smoothly. But you can upload another ten files as often as you want.

      If you are using the plug-in for AutoCAD 2011, you can upload as many files as you want in one go.

  • Guy Melviez

    great Job kol hakavod,
    Just needs to be able to load files without wifi connection, directly from the iPad if loaded at the office before going to the site

  • Paula Barchilon

    Dear Shani,

    So very, very proud of you. Kol Hakavod to you and the great team.


  • Dan

    Great app, but is there a way to pre-upload plans onto an Ipad and work with them on a site that doesn’t have Wi-Fi or 3G access?

    Best regards,


    • Iris

      Offline support will be included in the next version of AutoCAD WS which is coming soon.

  • gargon

    Nice to meet you.
    Soys the best. Thank you for working on this project.


  • Mike Caruso

    Looks great! How soon will there be Object Enabler support? (Civil 3D drawings contain proxies when viewed in AutoCAD WS).


    • Jonathan

      We are investigating how to fully support Object Enabler, but it will probably not happen in the immediate future.

  • Adriano

    Ho installato Autocad sul mio iPad ma non riesco a farlo funzionare, non mi apre il file in Autocad, cosa debbo fare? Chi mi può aiutare? Grazie aspetto risposte, Adriano.

    • Jonathan

      Adriano, hi,

      Please send us more details to feedback@autocadws.com and we will do our best to solve your problem.

  • Avram Zaltzmen

    Thank you for the great work.

    offline is good to have, how about hebrew font’s support.

    thank you.

    • Jonathan

      Hi Avram,

      Open up your drawing in browser and click the Fonts button in the View tab. From there you should be able to upload the fonts you need including Hebrew. Once the fonts are installed, they will be available for all your drawings. בהצלחה

      • Avram Zaltzmen

        Thank you.
        The font’s are now working great.

        • Avram Zaltzmen

          I notice that i have to upload the font’s for each draw, is there away to do that once for all drawing?

          תודה רבה.

  • o.maille

    Android version would be fantastic, so would offline support. This form of service with dedicated cloud resources will be the future of autodesk, great work!

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Amazing web app, great Job! I am sure that this is the next revolution, it was the most amazing thing to see on my IPAD, when I realized that I could see, share and change drawings over the web with my tablet!

    Great job!

  • Zach Graff

    Exciting new product. It would have been great while I was in school.

    On a side note, it looks like your last name has to start with an S to work on WS ;)

  • Johan

    Then come add-ins for autodesk Inventor

  • Mohamed Ahmed Hassen

    awsome …keep it up i think u need to do the same for android and symbian and windows mobile

    notice i had an issue with the arabic texts..its written as a font called
    tried to upload but i get the letters written over them selves i think the problem is from the flash…anyway here is the arbic fonts i have for autocad
    You Might need them to fully support arabic texts in any drawing file..

    am waiting for areply

    • Daniel

      Thanks for that.

      There is no reason for Arabic fonts to present a problem. We checked several here before release.

      Please send us your file and the fonts to feedback@autocadws.com so that we can check them out together here in the lab.

  • NC

    Great new start for mobile version of Auto CAD !!
    Is there any way we could open dwg files directly from Dropbox FTP ?

    Any future plans for Revit model viewer ?? I would appreciate your response. Thx.

    • RPeter

      please, add Dropbox and iDisk support. It is so much more productive, fast and intuitive and would help yours servers run more smoothly too I think.
      The upload process in WS webpage is cumbersome, not very fast and if you want to upload several files it is really a pain. IPad is a great tool for revision and in site review and planning, we don’t have internet connection all the time, so offline access and cloud file server are mandatory.
      Don’t get me wrong, WS is a very powerful tool and I’m really happy with It’s possilities. Keep up the good work.

      • Daniel

        Thanks for the kind words. You should expect an announcement about offline capabilities soon!

  • Chrisopher

    Goof morning!

    I have an observation and wonder if this is correct:

    I am using an iPad, AutoCad 2011 and the WS. I noticed that when I open WS on the iPad I am bumped off of the WS on my PC. I edited a project on the iPad, and it was overwritten by the original file from WS. So, my interpretation is: within one account, the “LIVE” drawing can only be open on one platform at a time, and that updates are stored in the server until needed. When i leave the office, i should log out of the drawing if I intend to edit it in the fielf on the iPad

    כֹּל הַכָּבוֹד

  • Alessio

    Android version pleaseeeee

  • Jonathan Vilela

    +1 for android version

  • Malcom

    +1 for Android version :D

  • Duncan Lithgow

    I can see that AutoCAD WS needs me to create an account. But with this new Autodesk online offering popping up, isn’t it time for a unified login to all Autodesk resources and services?

  • Md Habib Reza

    I am using AutoCAD for architectural drawing since autocad12. This version (Autocad WS) is amazing. I am using it on my ipod touch. working nice.

    I am a Symbian (Nokia) user for long time. Now using Nokia N8. Do you have any plan to make an app for symbian 3?

    Thanks in advance

  • Howard McHenry

    Nice work! Works great on my IPOD Touch but I’m about to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android 2.2)…. Android please! Thanks!!

    • Daniel

      Thanks for dropping by, Howard. We’re seeing a lot of demand for an Android app and we’re responding. Stay tuned for details.

  • Chris

    Yeah, dropbox support would be great. Our small company is sread across Australia and use dropbox as our server…

    Great app, looking forward to running it on the ipad..

  • alexT

    What about Android users???
    (Archos, Samsung galaxy…)???
    Please, I’m tired using my heavy ladtop

  • Elie

    great web app. looking forward for an offline app on android.
    and here’s me being nice to iris.
    Iris you’re too you young to be a product manager, u must have superhuman powers

  • Vishweshwar Madhav

    Great work! nice to c you guys come up with WS. It would be great to have a version working on Symbian, I am comfortable using Nokia N8. Are there any plans for the near future. Waiting for such a day.

  • miguel

    would be great to have a version working on Symbian, I am comfortable using Nokia N8. Are there any plans for the near future.

    • Tal

      Hi Miguel,

      Right now we’re mostly focused on Android and iOS

  • Svand

    Symbian version please! According to Wiki there are 385 million handsets using it across the world and that seems to be way more than Android!! Great product from the demos I’ve seen but I’m not changing to an I phone to get it…

    • Daniel

      We have no plans for a Symbian version, I’m afraid.