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Meet Vectorize It—Our New, Free Convert-to-Vector iPad App
3:30 am  .   March 31, 2014  .   admin

Today we’d like to introduce you to a new, free iPad app from Autodesk that we’re really excited about—it’s called Vectorize It, and it can turn your iPad into a DWG-creating machine. Vectorize It converts pixel-based images into vector drawings, which means you can turn hand-drawn sketches, photos, floor plans, diagrams, and more into CAD files that can be opened and edited in AutoCAD 360 (or sent via email in DXF or SVG formats) with just one click. It’s like magic.

So when might Vectorize It come in handy? Let’s say you’re a CAD newbie, or just more comfortable working up sketches on the back of an envelope or a napkin (or, if you’re really fancy, a sketchbook). Open up Vectorize It on your iPad and take a pic of your sketches that you want to convert to vector. Vectorize It does the work of simply and easily converting those hand-drawn sketches into vector files—all you have to do is open your newly-vectorized drawing in AutoCAD 360 or export it to Evernote.

Here’s another scenario: you work in HVAC or electrical, and you’re on a job where you don’t have access to the building’s original electronic drawing files. So long as you have a hard-copy print out of the original layouts, you’re golden. Use your iPad to snap a photo of the hard-copy drawing, open that pic in Vectorize It, and then bring the converted file into AutoCAD 360, where you can add your layout over the top.

These are only two of any number of ways you could use Vectorize It while you work. What would you use it for? We want to know! Download it now for free and then tell us how you would use it in your industry in the comments below—if we get a handful of particularly juicy examples, we’ll showcase them in a future post.




  • Casey

    I just downloaded Vectorize It and I love it! How do I change the default format to svg from dxf?

    • Casey

      Never mind, I just got the email and see it sends both dxf and svg!