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5:51 am  .   August 11, 2014  .   admin

Mirroring is a great tool when you want to create a reversed duplicate object of an original object. AutoCAD 360’s mirror tool satisfies this want in its Pro Version!

Tips on Mirroring your objects to the way that you want:

1) Select the object to mirror.

2) Tap on the drawing to specify the first point of the mirror axis.

3) Tap and drag to set the second point of the mirror axis.

You can just tap for the second point, but dragging will give you a preview of the line before it is mirrored. With the preview, you can make sure the mirror will be exactly where you want it.

Once the object is mirror, each object can be individually manipulated as well. You can even mirror more than one object at a time!

The mirroring tool has the flexibility of 360° to satisfy all of your requests!



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  • http://www.patrickemin.com Patrick EMIN

    Nice tip, I like the ЯOЯЯIM text…. Will Autodesk 360 technology and particularly AutoCAD 360 one day reach the possibilities of the local AutoCAD installed? You can discuss this on the new AutoCAD 360 group on the CAD Community: http://cad-community.ning.com/groups/autodesk-360