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Mistakes Easily Fixed – How to use the Trim and Extend tools
1:40 am  .   August 25, 2014  .   admin

We all can make minor mistakes while drafting sometimes, but that’s okay. The mistake of over/under extending your lines is easily fixed using AutoCAD 360’s Trim and Extend tools!

These tools are incredibly user-friendly and are here to help you make your drawing perfect. The Trim tool will cut away the undesired, overextended sections of your lines and the Extend tool will stretch your lines out to reach another line.

So how do you use the Trim tool?

The trim tool trims objects that intersect with the selected object. In other words, only the lines intersecting with the selected object can be trimmed. The selected object CANNOT be trimmed.

1) Select the object that is intersected by unwanted lines.

2) Tap “Trim” and then on the unwanted lines to trim them away.


The Extend tool works very similarly

1) Select the object that you want lines to be extended to.

2) Tap on the lines that you want extended.

Done! Perfection! Two tools in two steps each. Doesn’t get much better than that. Let us know how this works for you!

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