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New updates and features for iOS and Windows store!
10:54 am  .   July 31, 2014  .   Dorit Ksiazek | Community Manager at AutoCAD 360

This week we released two updates of your favorite app – iOS and Windows store!

iOS 3.0.4 – Units are back!

A lot of you wrote to us asking about unit settings – so here you go!

If you want to change the units display on your drawing, all you have to do is access the settings palette and tap the type option.



You’ll get your pick of unit types, including unitless, so take your pick!


Once you’re done picking your unit, you can go right ahead and add dimensions and measurements to your drawing, they will be displayed in the units you chose!


 The new version includes bug fixes as well, so feel free to try it out and let us know what you think!


Windows store 0.5.2 – New mouse gestures!

Screenshot 01 (1).jpg

In this version we improved some of our mouse gestures (such as zoom and pan) to simplify the use of AutoCAD 360 not only when using touch but also when using a mouse (for those of you who prefer it that way).

The latest release includes various bug fixes and stability improvements as well, but keep in mind that this is a tech preview, so we would love your help on this one! Please contact us at feedback@autocad360.com with any problem\idea\suggestion you have, we’ll be more than happy to hear them!