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New version – More Accurate and with Higher Fidelity
11:18 pm  .   April 26, 2010  .   admin

Over the last weeks we’ve worked hard on improving Butterfly’s drawing and displaying abilities. We focused on enhancing display accuracy  and on the overall usability of the application, all based on user feedback.

  • Butterfly can now accurately render Multiline text. In addition, text symbols (%%) are now supported.
  • You can now use the layers drop-down list to change the layer of an object.

  • We now support accurate drawing and rendering of AutoCAD line weights, and you can toggle it on and off.

  • We’ve added display resolution matching between different users during Co-editing. Now both sides can utilize more screen area while fully maintaining the shared view of the drawing.

  • We’ve added a password retrieval system. Now if you forgot your password, you can have it emailed to you.
  • The crop tool has been improved, and reviews with cropped drawing  are now easier to follow. We’ll have a detailed blog post on it shortly.

All these new features and enhancements have been added because of your suggestions and requests.  Let us know which other improvements and additions you would like to see us making.

  • Mfragkos

    Great job!Can this project support iPhone?it would be perfect if we can see our job through project butterfly directly into our iPhones or such phones with big screens!

    • Rafa

      I think that this is not possible, even iPad, which would be incredible nice, because this project is base on Adobe Flash, and It will never run on Apple mobile devices.

      • Butterfly

        Project Butterfly is based on Flash, but as Jonathan explained in his post here, our technology is flexible. We have received more feedback enabling Butterfly on mobile devices – and we’re looking into it.

  • Vladimir Michl

    Well, “accurately render MText” is still a bit an overstatement (tested e.g. on budweiser2010.dwg) but Butterfly now flies much better.

  • ipselute

    Yuppy!! Lineweight rendering is great!
    @Mfragkos: Butterfly on iPhone/iPod is a bit weird. The screen ain’t big enough to accurately see large drawings, don’t you think?
    Still, Butterfly on iPad or other ebook readers sounds like an interesting ideea. Or, you could use Butterfly on a netbook in conjunction with a nano-projector (like Aiptek or something). Or perhaps a smartphone with a nano-projector like LG.
    P.S. Sorry about the specific names, no publicity intended.