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One Year From Today
3:52 pm  .   April 1, 2012  .   admin

We are delighted to reveal some of the functionality which will be available in AutoCAD WS exactly one year from today.

That’s right, we are planning ahead and we wanted you to be the first to hear what the future holds for AutoCAD WS.

Voice-Activated Design

AutoCAD WS is proud to release its own voice-activated design assistant, Miri. Miri will understand commands like “Draw a line over there”, and “No, not there, Miri, THERE!”

Miri will use advanced AI to review your designs and let you know proactively whether you’ve created something really good or just plain awful. Miri will also be able to respond to commands like “Miri, design me a really cool house, please,” and “Miri, do you think this building needs more windows?”

Retroactive Timeline Manipulation

The new version of AutoCAD WS will finally conquer one of the major problems with design. Fixing things after construction is complete.

Using the new Retroactive Timeline, you will be able to edit the DWG for a building which has already been constructed and make changes to the design which will appear on the already-constructed building in real time. For the sake of people’s safety, it is suggested that you evacuate the building before saving your changes. Also, please note that any comments you leave on the design will appear as floating speech bubbles in the actual building so make sure you don’t write anything you don’t want others to read.

One Year from Today

We hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into the future of AutoCAD WS and we look forward to releasing this version of the app in exactly 365 days, on April 1st 2013.

  • Jera

    Truly happy that MIRI this didn’t come to fruition. I would have hated banging into random speech bubbles. Most especially those of my own making.