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City Spotlight: Toronto

3:44 am  .   May 7, 2015  .   admin

Welcome to beautiful Toronto! This booming Canadian city features some of the best architecture in the world and we’re excited to virtually visit some of them with you this week. So without further ado – please enjoy this architectural eye candy! Royal Ontario Museum (Renaissance…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

12:00 pm  .   May 5, 2015  .   admin

City Spotlight: Mumbai

5:20 am  .   April 30, 2015  .   admin

Present-day Mumbai is a place with so much history that the beauty of the antiquitous buildings can almost blind to the constant architectural development. But this is a modern city with modern structures that are a vital part of Mumbai’s fabric. Here we highlight just…

City Spotlight: Mexico City

5:34 am  .   April 19, 2015  .   admin

  Welcome to sunny Mexico City! Truly a city that never sleeps, Mexico City is constantly evolving. The sheer sprawl of this city can be daunting, but for such a large city, there are plenty of architectural gems to focus on. Some of our favorites…

An app for a creative mind

1:49 am  .   April 14, 2015  .   admin

Thanks to The Guardian for including AutoCAD 360 in the list of The top 50 apps for creative minds! We are honored! You can read the article here!  

Au Revoir, وداعا, Adiós, अलविदा, Goodbye

11:35 pm  .   April 11, 2015  .   admin

So long and farewell. After many amazing years together, we’ve decided to discontinue AutoCAD WS, effective immediately. Just like that. But before you get upset, allow us to explain. Like the dinosaurs, our old flash-based WS app technology is also going extinct. The AutoCAD 360…