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The Crop Tool

7:40 am  .   May 5, 2010  .   admin

Have you tried enriching your reviews by using the crop tool? The crop tool allows you to send your reviewers only a part of your drawing. Nowadays, there is no way to send a certain part of your drawing while keeping it editable and interactive….

Feature Request

3:43 am  .   April 29, 2010  .   admin

Hi everyone, We hope you had the chance to try the new version of Project Butterfly. We want to further improve the way Butterfly displays different objects and styles, and we also want to add more drawing tools to the mix. To really answer the…

New version – More Accurate and with Higher Fidelity

11:18 pm  .   April 26, 2010  .   admin

Over the last weeks we’ve worked hard on improving Butterfly’s drawing and displaying abilities. We focused on enhancing display accuracy  and on the overall usability of the application, all based on user feedback. Butterfly can now accurately render Multiline text. In addition, text symbols (%%) are now…

CAD to Paper – Do You Still Print?

4:19 am  .   April 15, 2010  .   admin

What makes engineers or AutoCAD users print their drawings? When communicating a design to a client or colleague, you want them to have an easy, clear and smooth experience. You don’t want to waste valuable time, and you don’t want them to not see the…

Check Your SPAM Folders No More

4:46 am  .   April 13, 2010  .   admin

This week we completed our integration with the Autodesk mailing system. This integration will make sure your  invitations arrive to your recipients’ inbox. Prior to the integration, some invitations were marked as SPAM or moved to the junk mail folder. Starting this week,  invitations, reviews…

10 Things you can do with Butterfly

7:39 am  .   April 11, 2010  .   admin

Thought you knew everything about Project Butterfly? Here’s 10 things Butterfly does you might not have been aware of: Share a drawing in a plot style. Use the plot display to let others view the drawing just as if it was plotted. There’s no need…